QuiltCon18 info

MQG Victoria QuiltCon 2018 

Charity Challenge quilt

Theme is "Modern Traditionalism"

The official palette is:

We are allowed to use all or some of these colours. 
We are not allowed to add in other colours.

The size is twin; our quilt will finish at 72.5" x 90.5"

Nicole has come up with an excellent design which fits the criteria. This is a group effort and will represent our guild at QuiltCon, and we need your help.

  • We need 79 9.5" unfinished maple leaf blocks in white. Deadline to hand in blocks is the November 23rd meeting. 
  • We also need strips of red tone on tone print fabric. Samples were provided/are available of the colour we are matching (it's PMS 192 above. Or Kona "Red" which is in stock at Gala Fabrics.). Strips should be 18"-WOF long and between 1.5"-3" wide. Deadline is the November 23rd meeting.

Questions? Email Nicole socialmedia@mqgvictoria.com

Ready to make some maple leaf blocks? Keep reading!

*if you click on any photo it will embiggen for you*

For each block, cut the following:

From main fabric: White tone on tone PRINT 

3 @ 3.5” squares

2 @ 4” squares

1 @ 5"×1” strip

From background fabric: White SOLID (any brand is fine) 

1 @ 3.5” square

3 @ 4” squares

Question from our fans: white, white, white. Not beige, not bone, not LOW VOLUME. All those are wonderful but not in this quilt.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of each of the three 4” white solid squares. Cut one square along this line, and pin the other two white solid squares on top of the two 4” white print squares, right sides together.

Make the stem square first. Pin right sides together and sew the 1"x5" white print strip to the longest edge of the triangle you have just cut.

Pin and sew the other side of the 1"x5" strip to the longest edge of the remaining triangle.

Press seams in towards the white print* and trim to 3.5” square. Make sure you centre the white print strip on the diagonal line of your ruler.

* do as we say, not as we do. After making the test block we decided to press towards the print fabric. 

Make the half square triangles next. Sew scant ¼ seams on either side of the drawn diagonal line. Cut both squares on the diagonal line. 
This photo is under exposed so you can see the drawn pencil line and the stitching lines.
Remember how easy HSTs are? 

Press seams towards the white print, and trim each HST to 3.5” square, lining up the diagonal seam with the 45° angle on your ruler.

Lay out your nine 3.5” squares as follows.

Sew squares together into three rows, and press seams in alternating directions (top and bottom rows in one direction, middle row to the other direction.)

Sew the rows together, being careful to line up seams.

Ta-done! Your block should measure 9.5" at this stage. Please bring to the November 23rd meeting along with a strip or two of red tone on tone print. Don't have any red tone on tone? Just bring a block or two!

There will be a sew day in late November/early December for assembling the blocks, making this slab, pulling it all together. Details to be announced.

Edited to add: if you make a block, thank you! Would you mind emailing me to say "1" or "2" or "17" so that I can update the progress tracker on our main page?

Questions? Email Nicole socialmedia@mqgvictoria.com And thanks for contributing to our guild quilt.