Membership + About Us


We are a group of quilters and quilt-lovers in Victoria and lower-Vancouver Island who enjoy modern quilting. Our membership is open to anyone who likes modern quilts and wants to be part of a fun, like-minded group of people. We belong to the umbrella organization The Modern Quilt Guild. Check out our "Monthly events" page for more info about our meetings.


Membership in MQG Victoria includes the following:


Membership is pro-rated through the year. 

January - December = $50

April - December = $37.50
July - December = $25
October - December = $12.50

Any questions about becoming a member or member benefits can be sent to Judy c/o 
To become a member you need to submit a membership form and pay your dues. There are several ways to do this.
  1.  At one of our meetings (cash, cheque, debit, and credit card accepted) and bring a filled out form to your next meeting.
  2.  Print our pdf membership form and email it to
And that's it! You're a member, and welcome to the guild!