Thursday, 18 October 2018

October Block Lotto

Autumn trees is the theme of today! That's my dad, on the golf course last weekend.

Dig into your stash and pull your autumn colours.  Red, orange, yellow, rust, gold, green, brown.
Use only print fabrics, please.
You will need four 7.5" squares, and four 1.5"x 2" brown squares to make your four small blocks. My photo only shows fabric to make 2 blocks, and I have cut 2" off the 7.5" block already.
We are going to use a free tutorial from Diary of a Quilter. Click here to learn how to make some fun, quick, and super easy modern trees.  DO NOT use her dimensions, we are making a different size block. Use the instructions, with the above cut size fabrics and you should end up with 6.5" blocks.  Your small strips for the base will come from the 2.5" strip you cut of your starting square.

You must make 4 small (6.5") blocks for one block lotto. DO NOT sew these together!

Have fun; it was so easy, I have started a quilt for myself in a another colour palette.

Thanks Gayle Ritchie for sending me the link for this block.

4 small blocks= 1 block lotto, so make 4, make 8, make a dozen little modern trees.

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