Thursday, 20 September 2018

September Block Lotto

Wedges as topography

This month is a special one.  We are going to do the same block lotto as all( or most of) the Canadian Modern Quilt Guilds.

Colour Palette for our guild:

Grey, blue, and purple.

All guilds must include white as well.

All fabrics must be solids, not prints.

We are going to break Karen's rule #1, our block is going to be 12.5" unfinished instead of 9.5".  This is to be consistent with all the blocks we have done so far this year.

Karen Brown has put all this together for us. Thank you!

Check out this link for a basic wedge guideline:

And this awesome YouTube video for all the details of this block lotto challenge:

As she said, you can do very basic wedges, like this sample block Pam made

Or very literal topography like this, of a typical gulf island evening view

or anything in between.
Have fun, and challenge yourself.
post your work to share with other guilds, and check out other people's work at
As always,
1 block = 1 ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch.

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