Monday, 2 July 2018

June Block Lotto

Sliced Circle Block

your colour paletteAzure Butterflies - Do you have an eye for color? Share it with us! Submit your own color palettes at! Lots of turquoise and blue range.

Fabrics you will need:

Solid black fabric
Tone on tone prints in the above colour palette

Part 1:
-cut one black strip 13"x 5.5", and one print strip 13"x 5.5".

-lay one strip on top of the other.  Right sides up.  Mark your fabric at 3" from each end( on the side you will cut from).  Make another mark at 7.5", 3" in from the outer side of the circle to the edge of the strip.

 -draw a curve on the fabric as shown (yes, on the right side of the fabric) and then cut along that line.  I drew freehand.  Use a guide if needed, but make sure your curve hits all the marks.

-Pin opposite fabric curve, and sew.  once sewn, this will look wonky until trimmed!

-trim strips to 4.5"x 12.5"

Part 2:

-cut from each fabric, two 3.5"x 2.5" strips and one 6.5"x 2.5"strip.

-sew strips together, alternating fabric...short-long-short to get two opposite strips.( see below)

-trim to 4.5"x 12.5" strip

You should now have three pieced strips.  Sew these together, and you've got your sliced circle.

Finished block is 12.5" square.

One block=one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole lot of circles.

This block is not to be turned in until the august meeting.  Plenty of time to play and make lots.

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