Saturday, 26 May 2018

May block lotto

May Block Lotto is an Inset Triangle Mini Block

Fabrics you will need:

Black and white Print fabric: six of 2 5/8" squares, and four of 7"x2 5/8" strips

Orange tone on tone fabric: six of 2 5/8" squares, and four of 7"x2 5/8" strips

This time we are making 4 mini blocks instead of one big block. The following instructions will guide you to making 2 of the 4 mini blocks.  You need to make 4 mini blocks for one block lotto ticket.

Start by connecting your 2 5/8" squares as shown below.
Now join the 7" strips to the sides to create a 2 squares.  Do not trim.

Put the two blocks together, right sides in.  Draw a diagonal line as shown and pin to hold in place.

Sew a stitch line 1/4" off the pen line, on each side.  Hopefully you can see what I mean below, the orange shows the stitching better.

Now cut along your pen line.  Voila! two inset triangle mini blocks. Trim to 6 1/2" square.

Make 2 more mini blocks and you are done.  Unless you had so much fun and want to make more.

This next photo shows how they will look, but leaving them apart will give the block lotto winner more options in variation and layout.

Four mini blocks = 1 ticket, so make 4, make 8, make dozens!