Tuesday, 24 April 2018

April 2018 Meeting

It was movie night at the April meeting – we checked out the webinars available to members at the MQG website (sign in, then go to Education > Resources. In the column on the right side of the screen, under “Filter By Types” select Webinars).

Currently there are 50+ webinars, 50+ quilts of the month (patterns), 60+ Fresh Quilting episodes, and more – if you haven’t checked out these resources yet be sure to have a look.

We watched part of “No Rulers, No Rules: Creating Cohesive Improv Quilts Without a Plan” by Shelagh Jessop, which gave a good insight into the kind of instruction and inspiration available in these webinars.

Thank you to the following, who donated door prizes! We love door prizes!
Another big thank you to member Jo, who volunteered on the spot when it was announced that we were looking for a Workshop Coordinator. Thanks, Jo!

And, of course, there was...

Show & Share

Pam made this fun cat quilt from a Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern.

Judy is donating this lovely quilt, it will soon be appreciated at Cockrell House.

Kelly's lucky daughter-in-law will be receiving this quilt that Kelly made using a panel, then covering it with some beautiful quilting.

Gabrielle made this beauty that she calls Pickled Blueberries, and she’s thinking of adding more applique to it.

This is Sharon’s lovely contribution for the Saskatchewan MQG’s call for Humboldt Broncos quilts. She also generously volunteered to collect blocks or quilt tops from other members and mail them all in.

In a perfect example of something Shelagh Jessop said in her webinar, about inspiration coming from all kinds of places.... Netta was inspired by a photo of Buddhist monk walking between pillars, and designed a super mini for the Riley Blake challenge.

Esther made this vibrant mini in a workshop on an Alaskan cruise (and did a great job of coordinating her outfit to match it!)

She also made an adorable whale quilt using a kit from Cloth Castle.

And she made a Broncos quilt, which will be comforting someone in Humboldt soon.

For a friend's father, Natalie used a photo of the view from his window, printed it on graph paper and enlarged it to make a pattern and created this one-of-a-kind quilt. You can't see the people behind it struggling to hold it up off the floor - it's a big one!

Natalie also made this cool mini.

A couple of years ago, Nicole pieced this quilt based on a tutorial by Cheryl Arkison in the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, and she just quilted it last week - yay!

Anne made a Disappearing Pinwheel baby quilt – the pinwheels appear when you put the blocks together.

She also made a Riley Blake challenge quilt – Twister.

And she won Block Lotto this month – congratulations, Anne!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Green Lightning, April Block Lotto

April showers bring May flowers...

How about a little lightning! in springtime green.

Green Lightning Block

This one is a simple yet effective block.  And for the full effect of the quilt top, Make sure to match the layout in the photos so that the lightning streaks connect from block to block.

Fabrics you will need:

White fabric: sixteen 3.5" squares
Assorted green fabric: lots of strips of varying width, at least 4.5" long.

This is a great block to use up some of your scrap pile, as long as it is green.
Take one strip and pin it to a white square, at an angle, from approximately middle top to lower left( same angle as in my photo so all the blocks match), making sure that when you press it, the green strip will take the block back to 3.5" square. Trim.
Hope the photos help to make this direction clear.  Your angles don't have to be exactly the same on each block, if fact variety adds fun visually. But still coming from approximately middle top down towards lower left side.
Now just make sixteen of these little squares.
Next step is to layout all sixteen squares.  Make sure to match the layout in the photo below so that the blocks will fit/work together.
Now sew it all together.

Again, make sure your layout is the same as in the photo for the blocks to flow.

Completed block is 12.5" square.

And as always one block = one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch!