Thursday, 15 March 2018

March Block Lotto

This is an old traditional block with a slight layout variation by Donna Lynn Thomas in her Anniversary Sampler Quilt.
Fabrics you will need:
Black Solid
Tone on Tone print fabrics ( no solids in this one!): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Pink
I cut 4" squares to make my HSTs.  You can check out the tutorial on this blog for HST Building instructions here.
You will need 16 HSTs.
2 of each:
Black and red, black and yellow, black and blue, black on violet.
1 of each:
Black and orange, red and orange, black and green, yellow and green, black and indigo, blue and indigo, black and pink, violet and pink.
Lots of trimming, but it's worth it.

Now you simply lay out the blocks.
Now start pinning and put it all together to make a fun rainbow.

And since it's as easy to make 2 of each HST, why not make 2!

Block lotto rules as usual, and have fun.
one block = one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch.

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