Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Maple Spirit, our 2018 QuiltCon Challenge Quilt

Quilt Name: Maple Spirit
Quilt Size: 72x90
Design by: Nicole Hannah
Blocks by: MQG Victoria members
Top assembled by: Stacie WilsonKelly Levant, and Nicole Hannah
Maple Leaf constructed by: Heather Beiermeister, Netta Brown, Anna Echols, Nicole, and Pam Brown
Generally awesome assistant and quilt advice giver: Pam Brown
Quilted by: Nicole Hannah, Handwrought Quilts
Binding by: Barbara Gilbert
Recipient: TBD

Hanging at QuiltCon, picture from Jan Hampton
Our label from QuiltCon

The blurb reads: This quilt design was inspired by a random Canadian conversation about Coast Guard ships, gingerbread houses, the Quiltcon charity quilt palette, modern traditionalism, and the country's sesquicentennial celebration.

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