Thursday, 15 February 2018

February 2018 Block Lotto

Women's Day Block
Mar 8th is International Women's day, so I figured we should celebrate in our quilty way!
This block is traditionally called the African Queen block, but I decided we could embrace all women with it. 

Fabrics you will need to build this block:

Striped fabric, any colour: one 8 ½ “ square, two 1 ½ “x 3 ½ “ pieces, one 2 ½ “ square, and one 2 ½ “ x 4 ½ “ piece. ( See photo below for stripe direction for the pieces!!!!!)

White fabric:  two 8 ½ “ x 3 ½ “ pieces, two 1 ½ “ x 6” pieces.

“Skin colour” fabric( Any skin tone that you choose, your own or another’s.): one 2 ½ “ square, two 1 ½ “ squares.

Start by building the smallest pieces into bigger ones first.  Take the long skinny white strips and your small skin colour squares.  Join on the diagonal to create your hands.

Make sure you have one going each direction!
Now add the sleeves of the dress. 
Join the 2 1/2" skin colour square to the 2 1/2" striped  square ( watch your stripe direction).  Join the 2 1/2"x 4 1/2" striped square to complete the "head".

 It's time to lay it all out and check how your block is coming along. Make sure your sleeves are on the right sides, with hands pointing inwards; there are some images of this block with the hands pointing out.  Ours will NOT be like that.
Next step is to add the long white strip to one arm, and add the other sleeve to the skirt.

Then add put the head and her right sleeve together, and last white strip the her left side.

Finally put her all together.

Finished block is 12 1/2" .

One block = one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch of pretty ladies!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

January Block Lotto

String Pieced heart

By the time you turn in this block we will be in valentines month, so I figured, lets go with that theme.

Fabrics you will need:

lots of 1" strips of pink, red, and white prints.
White: one 7" square, two 4" squares, and two 3.5"x 6.5" rectangles.

We are doing a reverse string pieced heart...the white is the heart, and the string piecing is the background.  Start with a bunch of red, white and pink print 1" strips.
Now it's time to build some string pieced squares.  You will need two 4" squares, and one 7" square.  At this time, cut from white fabric, two 4" squares and one 7" square.
Ok, time for HST's.  I love, them, I know some people don't though. Check back on this great tutorial, here, if you need. Use method #3.  Make sure you sew the squares together along the strips, not across.
I missed taking a few photos here, but put your hst's together.
Your next step is to place the two rectangles in, and sew it all together.

Hope this is pretty clear, even with a few photos missing.
As always, one block = one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch of hearts.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

First meeting of 2018!

It's the January meeting!
Thursday, January 18th, 7pm
@ the Legion, 411 Gorge Rd East.
What's planned?
Last peek at our guild's QuiltCon Charity Quilt, elections, membership renewals, and ???
Come and find out!

Monday, 15 January 2018

December 2017 show and share pics

We kicked off the third annual December Hanukkah/Solstice/Christmas Social with the grand reveal of our year long Round Robin quilts.

Well done all participants! And many thanks to Netta for co-ordinating the robin. Interested in participating for 2018? Stay tuned for details!

Our guild's QuiltCon charity quilt challenge, co-ordinated by Nicole. Thanks to everyone who donated maple leaf blocks, or bits of red, or helped make the top.

Then we had show and share!

Pam V

Sharon S, who used some pretty funky rulers for quilting this.

Audrey and two christmas mini quilts

The back of Mary's QAYG.

The front of Mary's QAYG.

Natalie showing the back of her quilt.

Natalie's improved from solid scraps quilt top.

Kate made this mini as a gift for a "Wicked" fan in her life. 

Guest Hannah finished her first quilt! Made with the help of Kim H.

Lois and some welcome colour on a grey day.

And Lois with some lovely grey scenery.

Nicole finished this rainbow log cabin finally.
Then the more social part of the evening. 

 Judy kicked things off with her advent calendar sweater.

We tried sitting in a circle, and liked it.

This year's swap was pincushions.

Rounding out the evening with some door prizes donated by Stacie from her new online store. Best of luck with that Stacie!

And that was the year that was. See you at the January meeting, and remember your membership renewal form!