Thursday, 30 November 2017

November 2017 Show and Share pictures

Show and share is always great!

Jay with a colourful Kaffe fabric quilt.

Back of Jay's

Ruth and a great tote bag

Kelly is English Paper Piecing some Lucy Boston blocks in an IG sew-along

Audrey and a great tote bag

One of Susan's gorgeous trees.

Ursula and a "quillow" in the pillow state,

and unfolded.

Ursula also made this AMAZE-BALLS mini.

Sorry we don't know your name nice stocking lady. Carol?

Bonnie-Lynn won our Feb 2015 block lotto and finished the quilt!
To deal with an odd number of blocks Bonnie-Lynn used her excellent embroidery skills to make another block.

Back of Laura's quilt

Laura's oversized block quilt.

Netta made this yellow quilt to her sister in law's colour specification.

Dawna made this from a kit but swapped out the original white for the dark colour seen here. 

Back of Dawna's

Linda's jelly roll quilt.

And the back.

Another Linda quilt?

Nicole finally finished this one. The first block was made in April 2014!

Kari and her fabulous quilt for the IG New York Beauty swap

Kari again with a quilt that was made for HER by our own Stacie!

Stacie made a few wallets...

Thanks for all the blocks folks! First look at our QuiltCon Charity quilt.
 And then it was time for some activity...

Scrappy and awesome!

Folks intently working.

Sharon S won the block lotto, assisted by our lotto co-ordinatore Netta. They didn't dress to match the blocks on purpose they swear!

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