Thursday, 19 October 2017

October Block lotto

Ooh, It's rainy out there!  Totally makes you want to stay inside and sew:)

This month's block lotto is improv, but after finishing it I think it looks a bit like a backgammon board, so

Backgammon Improv Block!

My colour inspiration:
inspiration photo in the "desert and sky" board ...
Warm Palette, channeling warm thoughts.

Also inspired by Debbie Jeske's sharp triangles in many of her quilts shown at last months meeting.

Pretty straight forward to put together.

You will need:

approximately ten 15" long x 3-4" wide strips of solid fabric, in the palette shown near the top (Beige, turquoise, and red).

Take one strip and cut one side on an angle

Sew on your 2nd colour. Add another strip at an angle, then trim. ( I am finding this hard to describe-hopefully the photos make sense, or it is self explanatory)

Keep going, adding angles,

until you get to full size (12.5") and trim your sides to make it square.
When I had reached the length I needed, I accidentally cut to 12" -DO NOT DO THAT.
finished block is 12.5" square.

Have fun, make one, make two, make lots.


  1. Question: When you cut off one side on an angle what happens to the bit you cut off? Is that supposed to become another strip used in the same block? Just wondering because my first one has turned out to not have any real points in it, just wedge shapes. It looks okay but not like a backgammon board, LOL!

  2. unfortunately the cut off bit is discard, or to your scrap bin. If you make sure your next strip overlaps the previous, at the narrow end, you should end of with a point. Little wedges at the end are ok too, just so it doesn't end up like a wonky striped block. Hope that helps