Thursday, 26 October 2017

October 2017 show and share

Kari showed her unquilted top for the IG based New York Beauty mini swap.

Ruth turned this reversible sequin t-shirt into a pillow for her granddaugher. 

And what the other side says.

Judy made some Emmaline retreat bags

Rosalie's riot of colour.

Michelle made this for her adult son.

The other side of the quilt. Her son worked as a chef in Japan.

Jay made this zippy fidget quilt.

Don't remember who, but we like it.

Sharon S and an all cotton and steel fabric baby quilt.

Everyone loves Hazel Hedgehog!

Especially with more hedgehogs on the back.

 Another baby quilt, front and back.

Stacie with another cork wallet.

And some playing: turning old four patches into ???

Natalie's boomerang quilt.

Nicole finished this older WIP. It was started as a test piece when Sheri Lynn Wood was writing her Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters

Netta made a t-shirt quilt for her husband's 50th birthday.

And the back.

Wish we could recall who made this amazeballs quilt!

Jenny Ambrose from the Makehouse talked to us about her shop and her sewing background!  
Netta won the block lotto!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

October Block lotto

Ooh, It's rainy out there!  Totally makes you want to stay inside and sew:)

This month's block lotto is improv, but after finishing it I think it looks a bit like a backgammon board, so

Backgammon Improv Block!

My colour inspiration:
inspiration photo in the "desert and sky" board ...
Warm Palette, channeling warm thoughts.

Also inspired by Debbie Jeske's sharp triangles in many of her quilts shown at last months meeting.

Pretty straight forward to put together.

You will need:

approximately ten 15" long x 3-4" wide strips of solid fabric, in the palette shown near the top (Beige, turquoise, and red).

Take one strip and cut one side on an angle

Sew on your 2nd colour. Add another strip at an angle, then trim. ( I am finding this hard to describe-hopefully the photos make sense, or it is self explanatory)

Keep going, adding angles,

until you get to full size (12.5") and trim your sides to make it square.
When I had reached the length I needed, I accidentally cut to 12" -DO NOT DO THAT.
finished block is 12.5" square.

Have fun, make one, make two, make lots.