Thursday, 3 August 2017

Pictures from the July picnic meeting!

Our picnic is always a fun meeting, a lot more casual and much more tasty!

We had a new location this year but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Show and share is a perennial favourite wherever we are.

Lovely star quilt!

Grace made a red and white cushion for Canada day.

Anna and her mom Natalie made this crazy horse quilt.

Natalie's offering for the Pantone Greenery challenge.

Laura and a super cheerful raspberry kisses quilt. 

Stacie and another bag, this one scrappy and quilt as you go.

Kelly with some excellent improv and even more excellent quilting. 

Kelly and a thread painted Karlee Porter style doodle quilt.

Detail shot.

Ruth and another great improv piece.

And Ruth again, also for the Greenery challenge.

And a hat trick for Ruth!

Jillian made this for her husband's 90 year old grandmother.

With a very great (and soft!) fabric on the back.

A birthday banner as well.

Netta's Canada 150 quilt.

Dawna made this for a wee fairy house
 And then we had some games. The get to know you "speed dating" looked REALLY boring in pictures, so here is a team sewing challenge instead.

Then there was quilt volleyball.

And not waiting for the flying carpet take-off but the start of the annual ugly fabric swap combined with the fat quarter toss. 

There we go! See you next month in our new! improved! location: 

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