Friday, 18 August 2017

August Block Lotto

Hot days of summer around my house call for MANY popsicles and other frozen treats.  So what better inspiration for this month's block lotto!

The popsicle block:

There are LOTS of pieces to cut, but once  you get that done, it comes together pretty quickly.
 Go to for detailed step by step instructions.  The creators of this fun block, Elise and Emelie, are excited to see how our blocks come out.

Our colour palette is, well, popsicle colours.

Fabrics you will need:

-assorted prints and solids, of yellow, turquoise, pink and orange.
-beige to brown print fabric for the sticks
-white on white print for background fabric

completed block with be 12.5" square.

Have fun, and treat yourself to a real popsicle after you finish.

As always, one block = one ticket, two blocks = two tickets, so make lots of treats for a chance to win the entire wall of popsicle blocks.

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