Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pictures from the June 2017 meeting

Hey-o folks, here are some very pretty quilts our members made.

Chris S made this fantastic improv rainbow quilt.

This is a very small piece of the ENORMOUS king size wedding-gift quilt made by Natalie. Unfortunately the wedding was cancelled. Anyone want a quilt?

Back of Natalie's

Sorry, can't remember who made this gorgeous two colour quilt.

Whoever you are, you've got some mad quilting skills.

Ditto for this one.

Jay's millefiore new hexagon quilt came for a goodbye visit on its way to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.

Judy L finished her quilt started in the workshop with Rebecca Bryan.

Sharon S? Love the rainbows!

Two lovely soft baby quilts. Love the improv aspect of both.

Ursula with another runner and placemat set, very modern!

Bonnie made this fantastic quilt and went to town on the quilting.

Back of her quilt which shows the quilting better.

Dawna and her grandson Dallas and her last minute finish for the Riley Blake challenge.

Excellent use of brown!

Sarah started this in a workshop with Elizabeth Hartman at QuiltCon a couple of years ago. Finally finished!

Sarah made this t-shirt quilt for a friend's recently deceased father.

This was the block lotto from January 2014! Sarah was the lucky winner and made this top. Nicole did the quilting on it. 

Jo-Anne's fabulous improv piece made with Yukata cottons.

Netta made this for...wait for it...any guesses? Lakehill softball!

Stacie and her retro purse.

Stacie showing the bag she bought to match the wallet she made.

Darlene's excellent HST quilt.

And our lucky block lotto winner!

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