Thursday, 16 March 2017

March Block Lotto

This month we are making a stretched wonky star.  Why make just a star when you can make it wonky. And then why not stretch it.  Might as well give it a try.

You will need:

-Kona Silver ( we now have fat quarters available to buy at meeting night)
-Assorted green print scraps

Cutting instructions:

1) From the Kona silver.  Cut three 4" squares, four 4"x5 1/2" squares, and one 5 1/2"x5 1/2" square.
2) From a green print fabric. Cut one 4" square.

How to:

1) Start by laying out your cut squares
2) Now take the bottom middle silver square, add a green strip to make the first "leg" of the star
 (sorry, I flipped the top photo)

3) Now add the other side
Here are two sides done.

 4) Keep adding until you have all 8 wonky legs done. Sew together. Ta done( as Nicole would say).

As always, one star = one ticket, so make one, make two, make lots!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

March Meeting time!

Thursday March 16 7-9 pm505 Marigold Road (Scout Hall)

At our meeting on Thursday we have a pop up shop from Capital Iron. Diane will be bringing some of her newest and best fabrics to share with us. Cash or cards accepted.

This is the last month to bring your starting block for the round robin quilt. Details at the link.

Do you know about the WestShore Quilters' Guild Quilt Show 'SesquiltcentennialCelebrating Canada? They are coming to our meeting to tell us all about it! 

Don't forget our workshop on Saturday for the Necessary Clutch Wallet. Spaces still available for the three hour class in the morning or afternoon. Details at the link.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Come meet us at the Creative Stitches show!

Come see our keen quilters this weekend 

and check out some awesome modern quilts!

Pearkes Recreation Centre
Friday 9-6  Saturday 9-5
March 10th and 11th

Monday, 6 March 2017

Pictures from the February 2017 meeting

Coming soon, a workshop to make this fabulous Necessary Clutch Wallet. Workshop details at the link.

Show and Share, our first of 2017! 

LaVerne made this utterly charming pretty quilt.

Chris S and another fabulous modern quilt.

The back! Moda Grunge fabrics, loved by everyone everywhere.

Natalie's finished triangle quilt, started just a few weeks ago in the workshop with Rebecca Bryan.

And the back.

Ruth's improv stars with hand-dyed fabrics.

Anne E made this quilt for her son. 

And the back! 
Sharon S made this awesome quilt. LOVE the green L shapes. This quilt has such great lines.

And the back!

Audrey loved the block lotto from last month so used it to make this table runner.

Audry also made this fabulous quilt. It was huge! 

Esther made this Christmas quilt and used the Hex and More ruler from Jaybird Quilts.

And the back!

Using leftover pieces, Esther made this mini. 
And this mini too!

Ann D made this graphic and cheerful quilt using a pattern from one of our library books. 

Maureen won the block lotto in September and here is her finished quilt!

Maureen also shared this absolutely fabulous improv heart quilt since it was Valentine's day.


Bonnie-Lynn shared this Hallowe'en owl made with all Hallowe'en fabrics (which she collects and didn't realize how many she had!) Bonnie-Lynn also did a beautiful hand blanket stitch around all her appliqué. 

Lois made this excellent aqua and low volume HST quilt (in barn raising setting) for her sister in law. Apparently the SIL wanted to add some more colours but Lois held firm. Glad you did Lois, this looks awesome!

Humans, for scale.

Lana made this fabulous flying geese quilt using shot cottons. 

a better look at the whole quilt. There was a subtle shimmer to many of the fabrics. 

Netta snitched this pixelated storm trooper off her son's bed to show us. 

And she found Star Wars fabric for the back!

Pam V and Dawna received these quilts as part of the inaugural MQG swap! The one on the left was made by @felicityquilts and the one on the right by @gilliland_s
Dawna made this for her due-any-day grandson. The baby's mom is Bethany who has been in our guild before (she's taking a break this year).
Giving us some tips about quilting with a minky backing.

Thea made this based on our block lotto from January 2016. (Anyone else spy a MQG challenge fabric in there?)

And the back!

Marg bragged on her big sister Thea, sharing an amazing little dragon.
Thea made it for Marg's dragon boat team.

Close up! The wings are lace and see through.

Stacie made this for a "pink swap" and it's tiny!
Hologram thread is starting to be Stacie's trademark.

Sometimes quilts come back for sad reasons. Stacie made this one as a replacement quilt last summer for her grandmother, who no longer needs it. Sorry Stacie.

And Grace won the block lotto!

Pictures from January meeting

Our January meeting was an exciting one! 

It was Stacie's first time running the meeting as our new President. (She did great!)

Lana (and Daria) said some nice things about Nicole and her time as President.

Nicole got all verklempt.

Then we had the block lotto demonstration by Netta. Tutorial is HERE.

Then was the trunk show, slide show, and guest speaker Rebecca Bryan!

Susan was thrilled to win this block lotto!

 2016 Executive. Nicole holding the gift basket of 2.5" charm squares and a Kona colour card. Go HERE to see what it all looked like!

There was no show and share from our members as there was loads of other things going on.