Thursday, 30 November 2017

November 2017 Show and Share pictures

Show and share is always great!

Jay with a colourful Kaffe fabric quilt.

Back of Jay's

Ruth and a great tote bag

Kelly is English Paper Piecing some Lucy Boston blocks in an IG sew-along

Audrey and a great tote bag

One of Susan's gorgeous trees.

Ursula and a "quillow" in the pillow state,

and unfolded.

Ursula also made this AMAZE-BALLS mini.

Sorry we don't know your name nice stocking lady. Carol?

Bonnie-Lynn won our Feb 2015 block lotto and finished the quilt!
To deal with an odd number of blocks Bonnie-Lynn used her excellent embroidery skills to make another block.

Back of Laura's quilt

Laura's oversized block quilt.

Netta made this yellow quilt to her sister in law's colour specification.

Dawna made this from a kit but swapped out the original white for the dark colour seen here. 

Back of Dawna's

Linda's jelly roll quilt.

And the back.

Another Linda quilt?

Nicole finally finished this one. The first block was made in April 2014!

Kari and her fabulous quilt for the IG New York Beauty swap

Kari again with a quilt that was made for HER by our own Stacie!

Stacie made a few wallets...

Thanks for all the blocks folks! First look at our QuiltCon Charity quilt.
 And then it was time for some activity...

Scrappy and awesome!

Folks intently working.

Sharon S won the block lotto, assisted by our lotto co-ordinatore Netta. They didn't dress to match the blocks on purpose they swear!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

November Block Lotto

This month we have a star.  I know there have been many stars before, but this is a new one, and with no measuring it is fast, easy, and visually effective.  Sounds good, right?

Rising Star, Improvised

Terri Torke did a lovely symmetrical version of the rising star here, but this one is not symmetrical; for visual interest, and "more fun, less measuring and stressing about perfect".

Fabrics you will need:

-four 6.5" square pieces of Kona silver fabric, also Painter's Palette pale silver. ( You can pick up a fat quarter of the Kona at the guild meeting for cheap).  If you can find another light grey/silver solid that matches, that's ok too.

-4 strips of yellow print fabric, approx. 2.5" x 7"

-4 strips of purple print fabric, approx. 3" x 7"

Please try to use prints that only have the desired colour, in variation( tone on tone), or a bit of black or white.

Start with the smaller yellow strips, pin on, at an angle and sew.

Trim the grey background, and press.  Trim the block back to 6.5" square.

Now do the same with the purple strip

Isn't that easy? and looks pretty sharp too!
Now do the other 3 block, paying attention to which way you add your colours, so that they all match up the same. ( I failed on 1 of mine and had to start all over again. oops!)

Four 6.5" blocks
Great.  Now put them all together, and you have a pretty cool star, with lovely sharp points.  Trim to 12.5" square.
I fell in love with this block, and started playing with colour variations, which is leaning towards another quilt started. Crap, I don't need more starts.  Ah, well. Have fun with this one.

Due to the December social, this block is due at the January meeting.

The Missouri quilt company has a free tutorial here for a traditional Rising Star block.  Good for getting the concept, but don't follow it exactly as we want these blocks to be " imperfect".

Have fun.

As always, one block = one ticket.  So make one, make two, make a whole bunch!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

October 2017 show and share

Kari showed her unquilted top for the IG based New York Beauty mini swap.

Ruth turned this reversible sequin t-shirt into a pillow for her granddaugher. 

And what the other side says.

Judy made some Emmaline retreat bags

Rosalie's riot of colour.

Michelle made this for her adult son.

The other side of the quilt. Her son worked as a chef in Japan.

Jay made this zippy fidget quilt.

Don't remember who, but we like it.

Sharon S and an all cotton and steel fabric baby quilt.

Everyone loves Hazel Hedgehog!

Especially with more hedgehogs on the back.

 Another baby quilt, front and back.

Stacie with another cork wallet.

And some playing: turning old four patches into ???

Natalie's boomerang quilt.

Nicole finished this older WIP. It was started as a test piece when Sheri Lynn Wood was writing her Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters

Netta made a t-shirt quilt for her husband's 50th birthday.

And the back.

Wish we could recall who made this amazeballs quilt!

Jenny Ambrose from the Makehouse talked to us about her shop and her sewing background!  
Netta won the block lotto!