Wednesday, 14 December 2016

December Social!

It's time for our annual Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice Social! We skip the boring bits and have show and share, our basket swap, lots of food to share and fun with friends.

Thursday, Dec. 15
505 Marigold Rd
7 - 9pm

We also have a donation drive for KEYS, collecting useful things for the teens staying there over the holiday season.

Please bring the usual things:
  • a mug for beverages
  • show and share
  • name tag
  • LIBRARY BOOKS! very important
Unusual things to bring:
Donation items for KEYS:
  • male/female clothing in teen sizes
  • socks + undies
  • shoes/boots
  • toiletries
  • DVDS
  • gift cards in small amounts (~10$) for Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Walmart, and similar

Thursday, 8 December 2016

November show and share pictures

Time for the roundup of beautiful quilts and projects made by beautiful and talented folks! Here's what we had at the November meeting.

Our December Hanukkah/Christmas/Solstice Social swap item this year is a one hour basket or a pixie basket. Go here for instructions about both.

The MQG QuiltCon charity quilt theme this year was micro or macro. We did a bit of both! Dawna and Natalie co-ordinated this project to completion.

L-R: Pam, Netta, Dawan, Natalie. Not pictured is Nicole or Catherine.

This was beautifully quilted by Catherine Hodgson on both her domestic and long-arm machines.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this quilt.

We also had a mini presentation about Instagram swaps presented by Kari and Stacie. 

And now for the rest of show and share!

Margaret made this Christmas table runner.

But made it reversible so that it's an all year round table runner.

Sharon made this quilt as you go, guided by Margaret.

Susan made this classic sailboat quilt.

But added an awesome improv back! She was inspired by our block lotto from June.

This shows some of the quilting.

Susan also made this Christmas wall hanging featuring fussy cut animals, birds, and snowmen, AND has a working string of lights! Susan bought the string of battery powered mini lights from Capital Iron in Sidney. For more info, Cheryl Sleboda uses a lot of LEDs in her work.

Chris S made this fabulous quilt.

LaVerne made this super bed quilt. Nice colours!


Barb made this as a Christmas quilt.

Carol and some of Elizabeth Hartman's bunnies.

While Anne made the newest Elizabeth Hartman pattern, the Sleepy Sloth. Excellent pattern matching in the background Anne!

Pam V made this cheerful log cabin quilt.

This satellite group (L-R: Daria, Pam V, Pat B, Dawna) made open wide zipper pouches as a group.

Dawna showing the mini quilt she made for the MQG mini quilt swap.

Guest Dede showed this fantastic modern quilt.

Danika is making this tree for the same instagram swap Stacie is.

Stacie listening to a question about this wallet made with CORK FABRIC. Ask her about it sometime, she's a little excited about it.

Nicole finished the block lotto sampler quilt finally. This has all the block lotto blocks from Oct. 2013-Dec 2014 and is for the guild to display at events. First post about it HERE (and didn't we look so young back then?)

A small bit of the back.

Pat B won the Northern Lights twinkle stars block lotto!

Thanks for sharing everyone, you make good quilts.