Thursday, 20 October 2016

Northern Lights Block lotto

Inspired by the Northern Lights 

Fabric...all solids, no prints
Background Fabric: Choose 1 dark colour (black, dark blue, dark purple)
Cut: Four 3 ½“ squares
        Two 4“ squares
One 9 ½”x3 ½” strip
One 12 ½”x3 ½” strip
Star Fabric: Choose 1 light/bright colour (yellow, green, pink, white)
Cut: One 3 ½” square
Two 4” squares 

Take the two 4” dark squares and the two 4” light squares and make 4 HSTs.  Trim to 3½”.
If you want more info about HSTs, check out our very thorough HST Tutorial.

Lay out in a 9 patch as shown and sew together.

Add the 3 ½ “x 9 ½ “to one side and then the 3 ½”x12 ½” to another side.

Trim to an unfinished 12 ½” square.

As always, the more you make, the better your chances of winning.  Make one, make two, make a sky full of stars!

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