Friday, 26 August 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

Show and Share Pictures from August meeting

We had our DeStash sale at the August meeting. I think everyone managed to snag a new-to-them treasure and make a little money selling some fabrics.

We also collected the blocks for our Souperbowl Quilt
Here's the first look at all the blocks!
Stay tuned for details about assembling the quilt.

Heather took care of the block lotto this month. Tutorial is HERE.

Dawna whipped up this lovely little baby quilt.

Anne made this very cool modern baby quilt. Excellent way to use a novelty print in a modern way!

In March we had Lois Kelly of Batik Bags do a demo and pop up shop. Our Lois bought the clothesline needed to make her own lovely bag.

But she made too much cord so there was a basket made with the leftovers. And a lid for the basket. And then Lois threw away the rest of the cord!

Bonnie-Lynne was challenged to make shoes with selvedges and we think she did a fabulous job! (Besides quilts and needlework Bonnie-Lynne loves shoes.)

Pat (a new member!) made this quilt. We really wish you could see the whole quilt; it was really lovely.

Ruth is working through the entire Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri-Lynn Wood. This is the score for floating squares.
A better shot of the quilt.

Another floating squares by Ruth but this time she used blocks from her 2014 Michael Miller fabric challenge. 

A different Pat made this to use up some batiks. 

Judy made this on her Alaskan quilt cruise last summer with Krista Hennebury. Nicely done Judy!

Nicole made this as part of the #crosscutquiltalong on instagram a couple of weeks ago.
The quiltalong was led by Debbie of A Quilter's Table.

Nicole made this improv quilt in stages, starting it in spring 2015 and finishing it a year later. 

Janelle made this fancy fox top at our sew-in last week.
He still needs his spiffy glasses but Janelle couldn't wait to show us!

Thanks everyone for sharing your quilts with us!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

August block lotto - Heather's choice

This is a Tula Pink block we're doing this month. It's very straightforward once you get your pieces all cut out. 

Here's the original block from Tula:

Our colours are gold and turquoise. One must be a print and the other is a solid. 

Make this block twice.

Make this block twice.

Assemble as shown.

Ta da! Your finished block. It should measure 6.5" unfinished.

One block = one lotto ticket so make one make two make lots!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

June Block lotto - Little Tents


  1. navy/dark blue background
  2. aqua/light blue strips
  3. yellow/light orange triangles
Solids or prints or a mix of both.

Unfinished sizes: 6.5", 12.5", or 18.5" in width and any height, so they can be all different rectangles or square. 

This is an improv block, so there are really no instructions, just go make a cute little tent!

These blocks are due at the August meeting.