Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Get to know your executive - Marg

Marg is our Membership Director and has been since January 2016. 

MQG: How long have you been quilting?     
Other than a project here and there, since I joined MQG in Feb. 2014

MQG: What type of machine[s] do you have?      
An old White "Jeans Machine" that I sewed mainly clothing on.    

MQG: Do you press seams open or to the side?     
I press to the "dark side"...  

MQG: Do you pre-wash your fabric?   
Not for quilting...I do for everything else though.                     

MQG: What is your favourite colour? or colour combination?        
Blue, Purple and Green - love it!

MQG: Where’s your hometown?      
Grew up in Victoria, but now live in between Chemainus and Ladysmith in "Sunny(?) Saltair".

MQG: What’s your day job, or are you retired?       
Semi-retired; I'm a guest speaker and teach about the Metis Culture in a couple of school districts.

MQG: Show us the last quilt you finished!      
Never completed a quilt...yet, but have done various small projects, mainly for MQG challenges.

MQG: What are you working on now?   
Lots of costuming.

MQG: What quilt is on your bucket list?   
The one I'm starting to work on; a primitive traditional quilt for my camp bed at Rendezvous'.  It will be a variation on Log cabin with a bear paw included in the design.  

MQG: Favourite fabrics/designers?   
Not sure; like bright, colourful fabrics, especially jewel tones.           

MQG: Tell us something quirky about yourself! Or tell a funny story!        
I sew a fair number of costume pieces for my 2 grown boys who do LARPing - Live Action Role Play (medieval period); and for my family and friends who do Black Powder Shooting and Re-enactment (fashion years between 1790-1840).  Here's a photo of our "primitive" camp at a Rendezvous.  That's me sitting knitting in front of the tipi.

Thank you Marg for introducing yourself, and for volunteering for the guild!

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