Monday, 4 April 2016

Get to know your executive - Gabrielle

Gabrielle has been our Creative Director since January 2016.

MQG: How long have you been quilting?     
I have been quilting for 7 years, I started by making a baby quilt for my best friends first child.

MQG: What type of machine[s] do you have?          
I have a Janome Horizon which is great for quilting large quilts! I just bought a smaller Pfaff Passport which is lightweight for taking to sew-ins, and has a built in walking foot.

MQG: Do you press seams open or to the side?    
I press to the side, unless it helps a block lay flat. I press my backings open.

MQG: Do you pre-wash your fabric?                   
I don't prewash, but I do sometimes find stuff in my stash that I washed when I started, so I use a mix. I do try to remember to test suspicious fabrics and I always prewash flannel backings.

MQG: What is your favourite colour? or colour combination?        
I seem to have a real fondness for aqua, I have so many in my stash! I love aqua and orange together. I am a big fan of rainbow. 

MQG: Where’s your hometown?    
I am from the Island, I was raised on the Saanich Penninsula

MQG: What’s your day job, or are you retired?       
I work as a Medical Microbiology Technologist for the hospital, and I now work in a special area that focusses on TB and Fungal cultures. Really nerdy stuff :)

MQG: Show us the last quilt you finished!      
My last completed quilt was my Zion Narrows quilt.

MQG: What are you working on now? 

I am always working on the Technicolor Galaxy quilt-as-you-go project
This picture is from one year ago.

MQG: What quilt is on your bucket list?       
I have always wanted to make a Pickle Dish Quilt! I am learning to love curved piecing and I think this would be an amazing candidate for my love of all the colours of the rainbow smashed together, combined with improv wedge and curve techniques!

MQG: Favourite fabrics/designers?              
I love Heather Ross, Tula Pink, Suzuko Koseki, Yoshiko Jinzenji and Kumiko Fujita.

MQG: Tell us something quirky about yourself! Or tell a funny story!        
I studied Marine Biology when I was younger and have a very special fondness for Cephalopods (I have a giant self painted Octopus portrait in my dining room!)

Thank you Gabrielle for introducing yourself, and for volunteering for the guild!

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  1. Dear Gabrielle, Your Zion narrows quilt is amazing! I have b ceen there and you have captured it in a thoroughly modern way. I wished I had been at the meeting to see it! Tracy