Thursday, 28 April 2016

April meeting pictures

Show and share was a doozy this month with so many sharing their creativity!

Look, it's Nicole with the block lotto for next month!

Sharon C has been away for a few months and had many things to show us...

a duffle bag she made and will never make again,

a small tote bag which used the block from the October block lotto,

a sew together bag, ditto for never again,

a zippy pouch,

a table mat with pockets to go under your machine and keep your tools handy (excellent for workshops we hear!),

better shot of the table mat

a quilt with some number 7s on it,

the improv back of the 7s quilt. Welcome back Sharon!

New member Jay with a small improv piece

Jay with a hexie project....

And Jay's magnificent Millefiori quilt. All hand pieced. It's amazing.

Bonnie-Lynn won the block lotto in March 2015 and pieced this together. It's her first quilt!!!! 

Michele with a "swoon" block for a friend's new baby. 

and it's a reversible quilt!

Ursula with a set of placemats using some awesome fabric from Satin Moon. Ursula used her own pattern for these. 

Some co-ordinating hexie table runners, also one of Ursula's patterns. Check out the QuiltCon bag she's holding too!

And now it's time for an update in the saga of Ursula and her unhappy quilt. A long time ago, when the Victoria MQG was just a tiny new guild and we all still fit in Satin Moon, Ursula brought a quilt to show and asked for advice how to quilt it. 

Jan 2014

We gave her suggestions and off she went. Then the next month Ursula showed us her finished quilt but she told us of the trials and tribulations she had had with it. First there was a blood stain on the white that set. Then in washing the blood out, the colour ran. Colour catchers were able to save most of that problem. Then when the quilt was all fixed and finished, Ursula spilt her green tea on the white. 

Feb 2014

Which brings us to now. Now Ursula has three stuffed dogs. 

The end!

Anne with a blue baby quilt.

And the totally awesome backing! (Those are little monkeys.)

Susan T continuing the animal theme.....

And Susan's piece from the QAYG workshop with Marianne.

Dawna with a finished quilt that her daughter started and didn't progress on. Yay Dawna for finishing it!

Back of the triangle quilt.

Another excellent piece from the Marianne workshop. Audrey? Is that yours?

New member Kate with a quilt for a friend. She used the super popular online tutorial "Scrappy Trip around the World"

And a solid modern mini from Kate as well. Did you know that Kate is an amazing artist?

Kelly showing some beautiful art quilts made with hand-dyed fabrics. 

Kelly again. So lovely.

The background was one piece of hand-dyed fabric carefully cut and arranged. The rocks and trees were painted by Kelley. 

Lana made this using a mini-charm pack of 2.5" squares. If you've got leftovers Lana, we hear Nicole is nuts about those. This was also the first quilt that Lana bound by herself!

Jillian and an improv quilt. Love the colour palette!

Jillian made this with shot cottons.

Natalie's finished work from the Marianne workshop.

After our improv workshop with Cheryl Arkison in October Daria took home the improv warm-up blocks to make them into a quilt. They were all different sizes and shapes and with Margaret's help, this is what happened. 

This is Daria's first quilt!! It will be given to our designated charity KEYS as a lap quilt for the tv room.

Mary? Is this yours? It's lovely. Great colours. 

We know this is Mary because we can see her peeking out from her version of February's block lotto. She didn't win the blocks, she just liked it so made it for herself. 

And we LOVE the back of it.

Very pretty whoever this is. Also from the Marianne workshop. Margaret?

Back of above.

Netta is hiding but she made this with lots of our block lottos, mostly from 2015 but a few from earlier. Our block lottos are all collected on one page to make it easy to see what we've done previously. 

You guys are awesome, thanks for sharing with us!

Natalie was thrilled to win the block lotto:

She loves blue.


  1. Sorry I missed this meeting, so it's great to see everyone's projects :)
    Daria- congrats on finishing your first quilt!!! It's awesome...keep on quilting.

  2. I am sorry too! So much inspiration with the show and share. Great work on your first quilt Daria - you are destined for more great quilts. Tracy

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  4. What a wonderfully talented group! I have missed to many meetings!! Hoping to see you all in May!