Friday, 11 March 2016

Pics from the sew-in

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Sawyer's last weekend. There was laughing, chatting, advice giving, goofing off, and even some sewing!

We had a couple of folks drop in (Brieta, and Kate who's not even a member yet but she likes the look of us so she's joining up) just to say hi and to see what we were doing. 

Ruth made more pillow cases (above and below).

Judy's zip shut needle case she made from "Make It Take It" by Krista Hennebury. Judy was making monkey tails for a school musical.

Nicole is trying to use up too much blue fabric!

Daria prepped some blocks for this month's block lotto.

Not pictured: Jen H. and her totally adorably apron with ruffles and cherries, or guest Jay who came to hang out and stitch the binding on her handpieced! Millefiori quilt.

Come join us at our next sew-in in April!

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