Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Get to know your executive - Kari

Kari is our Secretary and has been since we started the guild in 2013. 

MQG: How long have you been quilting?     
Off and on for over 27 years, pretty constantly for the last 10.

MQG: What type of machine[s] do you have?          
I have a Janome 12000 and a Janome 1600P.

MQG: Do you press seams open or to the side?       
I press to the side.

MQG: Do you pre-wash your fabric?                        
I am a pre-washer generally...if I am working on something with others though and the vote is to not pre-wash then I don't.

MQG: What is your favourite colour? or colour combination?        
I like all colours and some colour combinations that you wouldn’t think of look amazing together, depending on the pattern. I do tend to lean towards turquoise, bluey-purples and more jewel tones.

MQG: Where’s your hometown?      
I am a Saskatchewan girl

MQG: What’s your day job, or are you retired?       
Manager at a nonprofit agency

MQG: Show us the last quilt you finished!      
The quilt was made for an elderly relative currently going through chemo treatments.  She is a very traditional person so the fabric in this quilt totally suits her.  The back was green minky.  

The second one is a pouch in some Tula Pink fabrics that was done at a Janome Club class at Sawyers.   

MQG: What are you working on now? 
I have a Tula Pink fabrics quilt that is waiting to be sandwiched, quilted and bound…..originally intended for a QuiltCon entry but the discovery of a water stain from a leaking skylight sort of put a “damper” on that process…….it’s still waiting to be completed.
Another on the go project is putting together some blocks that my Satellite Group made that will become a charity quilt. Another project is the Quilt Along that my Satellite Group did last year for the Westshore Guild……I need to put all my blocks together into a quilt top. I seem to be a little behind on that particular task also.

MQG: What quilt is on your bucket list?       
To complete a Nosegay Quilt I have started; a Double Wedding Ring (not started); Dear Jane (started);  

MQG: Favourite fabrics/designers?              
The four top designers for me are Tula Pink; Alexander Henry; Kaffe Fassett; Anna Maria Horner

MQG: Tell us something quirky about yourself! Or tell a funny story!        
Quirky...quirky...quirky...quirky…I’m drawing a blank which likely means I’m blocking out anything quirky or I don’t want to expose my idiosyncrasies…probably more the latter. 
Is it quirky that I have to be the first one to read/look through a new magazine…..? It’s not the same experience if someone else has flipped through your brand new issue of something before you.  Oh yes, I have a magazine addiction……I have scaled it down to just three key quilting magazines……well, most of the time anyway.

Thank you Kari for introducing yourself, and for volunteering for the guild!

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