Friday, 26 February 2016

QuiltCon wrap up

No one from our guild went to QuiltCon this year but since QuiltCon is kind of a big deal for the Modern Quilt Guild we wanted to make sure you could check it out. 

Best in show:
My Brother’s Jeans
Pieced & quilted by Melissa Averinos
Individual Member
84” x 91”

• Cheryl Arkison (remember Cheryl, she came and did a trunk show and workshops for us in October?) Well Cheryl was one of the judges of QuiltCon this year and she did a walk-about narrated video of all the charity quilts. (These quilts were not judged, just displayed at QuiltCon before being returned to the guilds to be given to their local charity). The MQG had provided a colour palette and the design guideline of "Improv with Intent". The link again.

• For those of you who are not able to make the trip, fear not. A big part of the modern quilting movement is all of the online interaction. So even if you’re not physically there, you can still feel like you are! There are a flurry of recap blog posts this week – too many to mention – so if you have a quilty blogger you like, check their blog and they may just have a post . You can also get peeks of every part of the weekend on Instagram via #quiltcon#quiltcon2016#quiltconcharityquiltand #quiltconwest.

If you have the chance to go next year, we would highly recommend it. The 2017 show will be in Savannah, GA and 2018 will be back to Pasadena, CA.

Show and Share - February meeting

The pictures are in reverse order but that's okay! 

Pat K. won the block lotto. She also co-ordinated her outfit in case she won.

Brieta with a quilt made for her little sister.

Guest Bonnie from the Yukon is a pilot and avid birder who make art quilts about flight. This one shows accurate representations of several different species. 

Stacie is making this for an online swap. She is using glow in the dark thread for the matchstick quilting.
 What is matchstick quilting? A very popular style of quilting, matchstick is sometimes also called "the stipple of modern quilts". It is straight line quilting approx. 1/8" or less apart. It will add a lot of stiffness to a quilt if you aren't washing it, but once washed it has a beautiful texture and adds a lot of drape to a finished quilt.

Barb R. made this slice and insert pillow using the techniques in one of our library books,
Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen.

Guest Cynthia with this quilt which she called "pick up sticks in space".  
Cynthia again with this quilt rescued from her daughter's garage sale.

Pam V with a lovely polka dot quilt.

Pam made it to 10 of the 11 stores in the Island Shop hop last summer where the theme was solids. She didn't like the pattern they gave out so she made her own. 

Jeanne made this lovely feather quilt using the Anna Maria Horner free feather tutorial. Jeanne was so excited when she finished, she hopped in her car to drive over to our meeting. But she was a week early! We're glad she came back and shared this with us. (Sorry about the spooky eyes Jeanne).

Dawna! She offered to make a set of quilts for a Syrian family coming to Victoria but they are arriving much sooner than expected. Dawna chained herself to her sewing room and produced these in a very short amount of time. 

We can't wait to see this one finished and quilted!

Jan S. with a cool skulls quilt (sorry Jan, we forget the details).

Ruth continues to be a pillow case making machine!

Margaret with her values plus quilt from the Cheryl workshop. 

Margaret won the blocks in the block lotto in January. Her satellite group makes the block lotto each month and has a draw amongst themselves so that one person can put in all the blocks to our draw and have a much better chance of winning. Margaret won it in her group and won all of them at the meeting but didn't care for the finished quilt. So she gave it to her satellite friend, seen below, Pat. Pat also won this month's block lotto, way up at the top!

Pat with a lovely wee mini she made.

Pat again with a baby quilt.

Lisa is thrilled to bits with the bag she made to carry her new sewing machine!

Anne D with a great improv runner.

Susan T with a quilt called Fiesta Ware.

Susan and a very awesome road quilt.

Sarah is so relieved that this one finally done!

Nicole's project from the January bias tape challenge for the Mighty Lucky Club.

And the back. 

And there we go! Thanks everyone for showing us your triumphs and telling us the stories and hiccups that go hand in hand with making a quilt. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

February Block Lotto

This month we will be starting with an easy improv block to get our creativity going! As such, there aren't too many measurements here, and the block itself comes together really quickly.

Our colour palette is a background of very light grey, or low-volume grey+white fabric (think of the light grey Victoria sky!) with pops of bright citrusy orange. You can use solids, prints, tone-on-tones, in any combination you like. If you do not have any light grey, but you have a very light neutral/low-volume print, you can substitute that if you like. If you don't have any orange, an intense yellow, or an orange-y red would do. 

Start by cutting one 8" square of your light grey background fabric, and 2 strips of your orange, to insert into the block. You can cut your strips any width, I used strips about  1 1/4" to 2 1/2" wide. This is part of the improv, so vary them as much as you like for each block you sew. You could even make them slightly wonky, so they are narrower at one end than the other.

Cut up your grey square as shown in the diagram above. You want to make sure the point of the bottom "house shape" you create is at least 1/2" from the top of your square so that you don't lose any points. Other than that, there are no rules. Make your cuts as steep, shallow, symmetrical or wonky as you like. The point where they intersect doesn't have to be in the centre of the block. IF YOU USE SOLID GREY: it might be helpful to have your pieces lined up like the picture above by your sewing machine, so you don't get confused about how your block goes back together!

Sew on your orange strips of fabric, and trim them to line up with the edges of the grey fabric. Then sew on the right hand top corner grey fabric, and lastly, add the remaining grey triangle.

Press all your seams to the orange, so they don't show through. Trim your final block to 7" wide. You should also square up the bottom and top edges, but you don't have to make your finished block a square. Depending on the width of your orange strips, each block you make will be slightly taller or shorter. This is the goal of improv! The finished blocks will be sewn into strips, and they do not have to line up with anything. The variation is what is going to make the finished quilt dynamic and interesting.

Here are a few blocks I threw together this afternoon to write up this post. You can see that they are all a little different, some are taller, some shorter, but they are all clearly sisters. I encourage you to play around with this block and make a few with some different angles or widths of orange strips. If you feel really brave, you could put your ruler in the cupboard till its time to square up and free-hand the whole thing with your rotary cutter or scissors.

Bring your blocks with you to the MARCH 17, 2016 meeting. I can't wait to see them :)

This months block was inspired by the MQG February 2016 Quilt of the Month, "Rally" by Melanie Tuazon. If you are a member of the MQG Victoria, then you are also a member of the larger MQG and you can login online on their website in order to download the original pattern here. This includes instructions for laying out a whole quilt with negative space into a larger chevron pattern, which might be interesting to whoever wins the lotto! 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February meeting reminder


Come join us!

Thursday, Feb. 18, 7pm-9pm

Scout Hall, 505 Marigold Rd.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Saturday Sew-in is soon!

Come join us at our sew-in on Saturday at Sawyer's!

Saturday, Feb. 13th
12:30 - 4:30
7$ drop in fee

As always, you can sew whatever you like! 

Or appliqué! Embroider! Draft patterns! Chat! Offer opinions!

And our own lovely Ruth will be making more pillowcases and is happy to do a mini-demo of the all French seam method. If you'd like to play along with Ruth, please bring:

Coordinating fabrics in the following sizes:
  • 27 inches by width of fabric (body of pillowcase)
  • 9 inches by width of fabric (cuff)
  • 2-1/2 inch by width of fabric (decorative flange/piping)  (jelly roll strips can be great!) 
  • all the above is for ONE pillowcase
Plus your machine, rotary cutter, and basic sewing kit including pins.

Cutting mats, rulers, iron and board are provided. 

And if you're busy on Saturday then we hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday, Feb 18th.