Wednesday, 13 January 2016

December pictures

Happy new year everyone! We're getting ready for our new year with membership renewals (come join us!) and elections (volunteer for something, it's lots of fun!) and planning (shh, it's a surprise!)

But first we've got pictures from our December Meeting Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice Social!

Gabrielle kicked things off with her modern/traditional Christmas lap quilt. She bought the house blocks and tree blocks and candy cane border fabric at the garage sale in November and whipped this up the week of the meeting.

Chris S. and a wonderful solids bag.
Christine showed some recent contributions to her Mito Quilts of Hope awareness/fundraiser drive.

The colour for Mitochondrial Disease awareness is green. If you would like to help in any way, we can put you in touch with Christine.

Sarah with another oversize block quilt!

Sarah showing a quilt she has been quilting for a friend. The friend's grandmother HAND-PIECED all of this, but never finished it. Hurray for Sarah, and look how current the colours look.

Bethany with a quilt for family in Alberta.

And the back! If you have leftovers of the b+w fabric, we hear Nicole would be happy to help you out.

Guest Katie, with a sweet baby quilt. Love the use of larger pieces!

And now it's time for a warm fuzzy story! Once upon a time, in the far-away land of the Saanich peninsula, there were some friends who had fun sewing together. Their names were Kim, Pam, Gayle, and Tracy. There was also Lisa, even though she lived in far away Cadboro Bay.

This group of friends had seen a quilt last year and liked the quilt and the idea behind it sooooo much, they decided to make their own version. And they all wanted one. So they hatched a plan! First was to make a special quilt of a different sort for Lisa. 

Lisa and Kim
Lisa's quilt! It has stars of David, dreidels, the menorah 

candles, jugs for the oil, gelt, and more!
back of Lisa's quilt!

Then the group made the rest of the quilts. They all had to make several different rows and they had to make four copies of each row. That way there would be enough rows for all the quilts. The friends used all their Christmas fabric, ugly or not. They each came up with their own designs for the rows. 

Kim's quilt!

Pam's quilt!

Gaye's quilt!

Tracy's quilt!
And the friends lived happily, and warmly, ever after. 

PS Join a satellite group; they are a great way to make friends.

Nicole's last minute advent calendar for her kids.

Kate's very cheerful stacked coins quilt.

Back of the quilt

The social part of the evening! Thanks to everyone for all the tasty food.

Not pictured is our mini-mini swap. The quilts were tiny and the swap participants were thrilled.

The full grouping of quilts. L-R is Pam, Gaye, Kim, Tracy, Lisa

Well done everyone. Here's to another year, even better than the last one. See you at our meeting next week.

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