Thursday, 26 November 2015

December Social

In December we do not have a meeting as such, we prefer to call it our "Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice Social"!

We do have show and share, and door prizes, but otherwise we eat yummy treats, socialize, and do our annual swap. It's a chance to be more relaxed and get to know one another a little better.

December is also when we have a bit of a drive for KEYS to help them out. 

So! Details:

Thursday, December 17, 7pm-9pm 
Scout Hall, 505 Marigold Road

What to bring: 

  • show and share
  • mug
  • potluck food item
  • mini-mini quilt for the swap (optional)
  • items for KEYS (also optional, more deets below)
Mini-mini quilt info is on our Challenges/Swaps page

KEYS would find the following useful:
  • male and female clothing, in various teenager sizes
  • socks! underwear!
  • toiletries: deodorant, tampons, toothbrushes, hairbrushes
  • shoes, rubber boots
  • DVDs (not R or 18A please)
  • gift certificates in small amounts (~10$): Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Walmart, etc
So there we go folks! See you on the 17th or at our afternoon sew-in on Saturday, Dec. 12 (email to hold your spot, lots of room for everyone).

November meeting show and share!

We had another great meeting last week! Our first garage sale was quite a success and the show and share quilts are always inspiring. Thanks to everyone who came.

A quick note from Rita, our photographer this month: "Sorry about the red eyes everyone". Maybe we were up too late quilting and that's why we all have red eyes? 

Lois made this in the quilt as you go style. 

Natalie reworked her blocks from the Cheryl Arkison "Improv with Intent" workshop into a table runner for her mum.

Terri S. quilted this for a friend and had troubles with wobbly borders. Nice fix! And the back was modern and very pretty.

Diane B. is teaching this wonky star runner as a workshop at Capital Iron.

Sharon V put this together at the Cheryl Arkison "Values Plus" workshop, sticking to different values of the same colour....and hated it!

So she tried again, this time with different colours in each pair....and loved it! Notice too that this one is finished and bound and the other one is just a top?

Mary made these placemats in quilt as you go style and swears she'll never do any other way now.

And Mary with a quilt as you go quilt! Each block is quilted in a different style.

Susan's top from Cheryl's "Value Plus" work shop.

We think this is Rhonda hiding behind her fabulous zigzag.

Nancy L. made a bag with the charms from last month's swap. Did you know that Nancy is brand new to quilting?

Judy L made the very cool travel pin cushion from Krista's book "Make it Take it". Judy said that she found over 60 needles in her old pincushion! Here is a better picture of what the new one looks like:

Sarah and this cool quilt. 

Back of quilt.

Dawna made these two bags as well. 
Of all the quilts Dawna and Sarah showed last month for the Alzheimer's fundraiser, they raised over $1600! Well done Dawna and Sarah!

Dawna and a sweet baby quilt. 
Jeanne with her fourth and final fancy fox pattern. LOVE LOVE LOVE the striped binding on this one.

And the back.

Stacie's finished 2013-14 block lotto sampler quilt!
Stacie wove this using a Kona honeybun roll (the strips are 1.5" wide).

Quilted with glitter thread!
The back of the woven quilt.

Lana made this and loved having her first ever design wall to try layouts!

A close up of the quilting. Lana did all the curves with her walking foot.

Netta made this quilt for her father-in-law and it was returned to her in October when he died. If you look closely you'll see that every border is done in a different FMQ style. Netta's got some made quilting skills!

Barbara's finished runner, started in the Krista workshop "Improv under the Influence"

Sorting out the charms for the charm swap (low volume this month).

Lisa D works hard to get us door prizes - thank you Lisa! And a bigger thank you to all the store owners and people who contribute prizes.

Some of this month's bounty!

We work hard to co-ordinate prizes with the winner's outfit!

And then it was garage sale time!

Thank you everyone! See you on December 17th for our annual Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice social. Details of this year's swap are under the Challenges/Swaps tab

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Nov. block lotto

This is a variation of a Five and Dime pattern, but we're doing it our own way!

The colours are BLACK, seafoam, light seafoam, apricot, coral orange, and gold.

Supplies Needed

  1. Four 6.5” Squares of fabric from the colour palette shown
  2. Four 3.25” squares in the color palette (these should contrast when paired up with the large squares)
  3. Black cotton/poly thread


  1. Place one small square on the corner of one large square
  2. Using a 1/4" seam, sew around the edges of the small square, TOPSTITCHING.
  3. Repeat with the remaining three pairs of large and small squares.
Right pattern, wrong colours. Enough to give you an idea of just how easy this can be.

The instructions yield 4 6.5" unfinished blocks. 4=1 lotto ticket, so make 4, make 8, make lots! Please do NOT sew your four mini blocks together.

These blocks are due at the JANUARY 21, 2016 meeting.

Monday, 16 November 2015

It's time for the November meeting!

We hope to see you on Thursday!

We've got lots planned but most importantly, it's our first ever garage sale! Sell some treasures, find some treasures, make some room in your stash for new fabrics. 

All the usual things apply:
  • 7-9pm, Scout Hall 505 Marigold Rd. 
  • Bring a mug and your show and share.
  • library books to return 
  • If you're in the charm swap it is LOW VOLUME fabrics this month.
  • If November is your birthday, then a treat to share would be appreciated. 

And all the garage sale info is HERE. It has info for both sellers and buyers. Selling is for members only but anyone can buy. Buyers, remember to have lots of small change!

See you Thursday everyone.