Friday, 23 October 2015

Pictures from Cheryl Arkison's trunk show

We were thrilled to bits to have Cheryl join us at our October meeting. If you ever have a chance to work with, or learn from Cheryl, or to hear her speak, DO! She is an excellent teacher and presenter with a story for every quilt. 

Due to space constraints Cheryl had to choose carefully which quilts she brought to share. 

Cheryl's re-entry into quilting after her first baby, and the one that got her excited about improv.

Cheryl apologized for using our new mic, but had a sore throat when she came.

SLAB! The block that made Cheryl a professional, got her the first
book contract, and so much more.

A "made" background with the appliqué as focus.

The Gumdrop quilt from "Sunday Morning Quilts", co-authored with Amanda Jean Nyberg. Apparently glue stick works great if you forget to apply fusible web to your fabrics before you start cutting!

A value HST quilt.

A value plus quilt - this was the first workshop Cheryl taught for us.

A low volume quilt. The contrast is there, just subdued.

Another low volume quilt. This is a great block structure. 

The Crossword quilt from "A Month of Sundays", Cheryl's second book. Also low volume. The clues (and answers) are in the book.

This quilt was quilted by Angela Walters. She did a letter in each B+W square, and different fills in the backgrounds.

An improv, low volume baby quilt.

Cheryl made this as a sampler quilt to show circles in the book "Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making". She also gave us her rant about borders and zinger accents. Note the huge border-that-isn't-a-border on this quilt?

Argyle quilt!

Cheryl made this as a "wonky log cabin block", the ubiquitous first block of modern quilting. It's quilted with an all over grass type pattern (and Cheryl does her own quilting unless she says otherwise).

Improv sewing machines - these got her back into sewing after a bit of a post-deadline slump. 

Mountain Meadows quilt. Cheryl's back story is HERE and HERE.

Cheryl's husband's "Equalizer" quilt. It was the genesis for her book "You Inspire Me to Quilt".

And Cheryl's THIRD book!

Thank you to Lana for the photographs, to Stacie and Kari for holding quits, to our members and guests for coming, and to Cheryl for taking us seriously when we emailed her to say "Dibs!"

Cheryl's bibliography:

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