Thursday, 15 October 2015

October Block Lotto - String X block

October Block Of the Month

  • Four 4.5” Squares of Kona Black
  • Eight 1” x 9.5” strips of Kona White
  • Scraps of fabric (color palette of red, gray, black, white) varying between 1.5”-2.75” wide and 4.5”-5” long
  1. Sew your scrap strips together to make four pieces of fabric at least 4” wide by 10” long

  2. Trim each piece to 3.5” wide

  3. Sew a strip of white onto each long side of the patchwork, making it it 4.5” wide

  4. Find the center of each long edge of the patchwork and place a pin to mark it
  5. Cut your squares in half diagonally from point to point so you have 8 HST (half square triangles)
  6. Place the long side of the triangle of the long edges of the patchwork, with the point of the triangle touching the center mark that you pinned in step 4, sew it on with a 1⁄4 “ seam allowance

  7. Repeat step six for the opposite side of the block
  8. Repeat all of the previous steps for the three remaining of the blocks
  9. Place the corner of your square ruler, so that the sides of it touch two of the black sides and the corner is covering the scraps (see pictures), trim the scraps into a point. (don't worry if you have notches on the scrap corners)

  10. Leave the blocks separate and DO NOT TRIM OR SQAURE UP BLOCKS any further, we will let the winner do this so they are all trimmed the same.

    And you're done! Each four blocks = 1 lotto ticket, so make 4, make 8, make lots! 


  1. I really like this one. Super pretty.

  2. My friend and I are going to make these tomorrow. I have lots of these colours.