Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Picnic pictures

Each summer we skip a meeting and have a picnic instead. This year we met at the group picnic shelter at Beaver Lake for our July not-meeting. 

We started with our "guess who I am quilting terms and tools" sticker on your back ice breaker game, ate SO MUCH FOOD, had show and share, did the annual modern/solid FQ toss/swap, had a trivia guessing game, and lastly people left with a new-to them half metre of ugly fabric. We challenged people to make something, anything! and we'll vote at the September meeting on best use of ugly fabric.

And here are the pictures! Thanks as always to Lana our photographer (who persevered through camera and computer troubles this month). 

Janelle's improv with intent from the workshop with Krista.

Janelle again with a very cheerful quilt. The backing is being held up on the left.

Guest Caroline showing a great quilt.

And the back.

Caroline with another quilt, this one a commission. She was shouted down when she asked about adding a border. And bonus points for dressing to co-ordinate with the quilt!

Toni with a beautiful quilt - an excellent way to use a larger print fabric!

Toni with an all silk quilt. These are vintage kimono silks in the quilt.

Pam showing her row by row quilt. We *think* she won at Bib N Tucker for this.

Kim with a quilted tea cosy, made from a pattern in a book. Kim found it very frustrating so she gave the book to Pam (who can make anything without directions apparently!)

Rosalie with a lovely little mini.

And another, made from a photograph of some little family members.

Jennifer looking serious about a nice runner.

And looking very pleased with her first not-flat item. Yay you!

Margaret with another colourful insert strip quilt.

Natalie came as a guest and left as a member, and brought this "divorce" quilt made for her brother. 

Esther had a lot of fun with Krista's new book, making the giant mat and ruler tote, a zippy pouch, and the scissor caddy (just peeking out from the centre pocket).

Last but not least, the circular needle book as well. Very nicely co-ordinated Esther!

Terri showing a picture of a quilt in progress.

And some of the strip sets you start with. Great colours!

Susan showing her latest. We think she should submit this for Quilt Con!

Judy did the cruise in June with Krista and this is her take on the improv with intent.

Judy again with a fun cat and dog quilt.

Danica and a fabulous modern pattern. Bad luck about
the Frixion pens, but glad it all worked out in the end.

Dawna made this upon request from her daughter, who asked for a camping quilt.

And Dawna's MQG Riley Blake challenge finish.

Nicole's giant HST star. Looking for quilting ideas for this one!

A glimpse into the picnic shelter. 

Some of the folks. Hi Kim!!

Stacie's trivia quiz was tough but fun. 

Thanks to the 35 brave quilters who joined us for some excellent food, quilts, and company. See you next time!

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