Thursday, 25 June 2015

Pictures from the June Meeting!

How is it the end of June already? Happy summer to those of us with kidlets now underfoot, and bon voyage to our members travelling near and far (remember to bring me back some fabric!)

Here are pictures of our show and share (current works/finishes only) from the June meeting. Our first quilt pics will get posted later on.

Gabrielle's "Lizzy House" mini swap quilt. Those are all [mostly] Lizzy House fabrics. 

Janelle's rainbow strip quilt. Nice border!

Love the scrappy back too!

Marianne's improv piece, started in the workshop with Krista. But of course Marianne did it quilt as you go style! 

The back.

Another Marianne wonder piece. This one started life as another quilt but Marianne cut it up and made this instead.

And the back!

Chris S. cool improv piece.

Nicole made the pincushion/thread catcher from Krista's book using fabric won at the last meeting.

Nicole made this for the BTW challenge open to PNW MQG members. Fingers crossed it's accepted!

And the other one she made.

Guest Kathy showing a nifty improv quilt.  We like this border as well!

Kathy with another quilt. We've never seen this pattern before - so wow!

Guest Elizabeth wanting suggestions. This was made with leftover bits from previous works.

Jacquie with her prize winning quilt; she took a 2nd prize at the recent Westshore show. Dressing like her quilt was just a happy accident!

And the back.

Rosalie with her small quilt.

Jan's amazing quilt. Those circles are all cut out from the larger squares. So precise!

Jan again with an excellent use of ombre colour. 

Rita showing the table runner she taught in China. Rita works at Calico Cupboard and was asked to teach basic quilting and modern quilting in China this spring. Congratulations Rita!

Lourdes with another art piece.

Terri S. with three custom quilts she made for bunks on a boat. Each of the three aquatic mini quilts are patterns made by local designers and one or two might even be by one of our own members!

Guest Gail showing some super colourful fabric and soliciting advice for how best to cut it up and use it. 

So glad you could join us Gail!

Sharon V. showing the centre of her work from Krista's workshop last month. 

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  1. Lovely quilts ladies!! I am so looking forward to hooking up again in November.