Thursday, 18 June 2015

June Block Lotto - Wonky Curves

This month's block is from a wonky curve block and the tutorial we're using is from our own Marianne!

Thank you so much for talking us through this Marianne. And how awesome is it that she got off the plane and came to the meeting?

This is the palette. 

The Kona colours are (L-R): Oyster, Sunflower, Pickle, Laurel, Sage, Cotton Candy Green

Choose four of the six colours to work with, and a mixture of solids and prints is fine.

Fabrics Needed:
  • 1 8" square of light coloured fabric
  • 1 8" square of medium coloured fabric
  • 1 8" square of medium-dark coloured fabric
  • 1 8" square of dark coloured fabric
NB: the handout from the meeting said 4 squares of each colour. That is WRONG and you will have a million blocks! Use ONE of each colour and you'll be fine. 

  • Stack the fabric into 4 piles, arranged from light to dark 
  • follow the instructions in the tutorial

  • Trim each finished block to 6.5" 
  • Each set of four 6.5" blocks is one ticket, 
  • Do not sew the 6.5" blocks together!
NB: you have until the AUGUST meeting to hand these in. We will NOT be collecting blocks or doing a new tutorial until August due to the awesome potluck picnic in July.

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