Thursday, 21 May 2015

May block lotto - Squash blossom block

This lovely geometric block is going to be awesome!

From the colour palette below, choose one MAIN colour (this will be scrappy). Choose a second, contrasting colour from the palette (this will be a solid). Use white SOLID for the background.

SQUASH BLOSSOM BLOCK (12 inch finished)

Cut List:
Background Fabric (white):
12 ­ 2.5” squares
6 ­ 3” squares
Feature Fabric (grey in diagram):
8­  2.5” squares
8 ­ 3” squares
Accent Fabric (black in diagram):
2­  3” squares

1. Using the 6 three inch squares of background fabric, and 6 of the three inch
squares of feature fabric, create 12 HST units. Trim to 2.5” unfinished.
2. Using the remaining 2 six inch squares of feature fabric and the 2 three inch
squares of the accent fabric, create 4 HST units. Trim to 2.5” unfinished.
3. Assemble block according to the diagram below.
4. Block is 12.5" unfinished.

Ta da, you're done! As always, one block = one lotto ticket, so make one, make lots!

Block is from Holly Gets Quilty, and was made for the Phoenix MQG.


  1. Hi, there! Came across your blog accidentally. I do not get the point of "one block = one lotto ticket." Does it has anything to do with lotto like TheLotter review? P.S. The block pattern is really pleasant to look at.

    1. Hi Eva:

      At our meeting each month we demonstrate a new block in a particular colour palette. The following month anyone who made one of those blocks (or several of those blocks) puts them in a raffle. One block gets you one lottery ticket to win ALL those blocks. Sometimes we've had enough blocks to give away two quilt tops!

      And you're a no reply blogger, so I hope you see this.

  2. Hi. Thanks for reply. It must be very engaging :)