Thursday, 19 March 2015

Swap with Vancouver MQG!

Swap with Vancouver MQG!

At our meeting last night, we announced our next swap, which will be with Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  We did our first swap with the Fraser Valley MQG, then jumped all the way across the country to the Maritimes, then hit Toronto on the way back. Time again for a [semi-] local swap, and for something different!
We are going to be swapping patchwork notebook covers. Amy from Vancouver will be posting a tutorial on the VMQG blog, so everyone will be working with the same dimensions, making covers to fit a blank composition book.
2015-03-17 01.08.28-1    2015-03-17 01.08.05-1
(two examples from Amy)
 The details:
- The covers need to be pieced and quilted, and should be at least 90% solid fabric. They can be entirely solids if the maker prefers, but shouldn’t have more than 10% of printed fabric. Regardless of fabric used, all notebook covers should be MODERN!
- This will be a secret partnered swap. You will receive your partner’s info and make something specifically for them. Someone will receive your info and make something specifically for you. You aren’t necessarily sewing for the person who’s sewing for you, and you’ll keep it a secret until the swap items are received. (If you have questions for the person you’re creating for, you should contact the swap coordinator [Amy or Bryan], not the person themselves.)
- Sign ups will start today, March 19th, 2015, and will go to March 31, 2015. That gives you two weeks to get your booty in gear! If the numbers between the two guilds aren’t equal, some people may be swapping with members of their own guild.
- Sign ups will be ONLINE only. This will let Amy email your questionnaire to your partner without having to retype it all and try to decipher your handwriting.
- Partners will be assigned by April 8, 2015 at the latest.
- You’ll bring your finished mini quilt back to the May guild meeting, on May 21st, 2015. Bring it unwrapped, so that we can take a group photo!
- That gives you 6 weeks to make something amazing!
- As you’re creating, post your notebook cover on social media and use the swap hashtag #VMQGandMQGV so that everyone else can see too!
- There will be no extra goodies in this swap. Please include a note or a card with your contact info, but nothing else. The guilds will be providing notebooks, so no need to include one!
- This is a members-only activity. Supporting your guild has its perks!

Are you excited?


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