Friday, 20 February 2015

Feb. Block Lotto - Shattered Heart

Looking for the MARCH block tutorial? 
Go here instead. Sorry about that.

The scale will be goofy and your heart won't work and you will be sad.

When you print, the 1" square box should measure 1". 

These are the colours to use in your heart. Your heart can use all these colours, or just some of them. 

Supplies needed:
   14" square of kona white
   10" square of fusible web
   14 scraps of fabric (in the colour palette) that are larger than the pieces of the heart

1) trace the heart onto the paper side of your fusible web
2) Cut out each shard of the heart
3) fuse the fabric on to the wrong side of the fabric
4) trim your fabric to the right size
5) find the center of your background fabric, and arrange the shards on the fabric so you have a complete heart in the centre
6) slide each piece slightly away from the center, staggering how far away you move then, and make sure none are touching each other
7) Remove the paper backing and iron each piece in place
8) lower your stitch length significantly to your smallest possible, but that still has constant stitch quality (you might want to try sewing on some scraps first). Sew as close to the edge, and all away around each piece of you heart
9) press and trim your block to 12.5" square
10) your block is done

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