Saturday, 14 February 2015

Design Seed - a place for colour inspiration

If you are looking for colour inspiration or you wish to become a bit more adventurous with the use of colour for your quilts, Design Seeds is a great site that provides colour samples based on photographs. It can really open your eyes to new possibilities.

When entering the site, you can see the different tabs at the top and below different examples of colour palettes. You can be inspired by simply scrolling down the page. However, if you have certain colours in mind and wish to expand upon them, then you can click on the "palette search" at the top left. 

You can either use the "search by colour" bar on the top left hand side, creating your own hue by dragging the R (red), G (green) and B (Blue) bars, and finally clicking on "go get it" when you have found your colour hue. You will then be brought to a page with different combinations including the colour you have selected.

You can also find ideas with regards to a certain fabric that you have in your stash. Find the hue that resembles your fabric the most, and you will be given some pretty good ideas with the suggestions that follow.

Finally you can "search by theme" suggestions on the top right hand side where you can be exposed to a ray of different palettes you can peruse through that will get your creative juices going.

All that remains is to rummage in your stash and start cutting!

Thanks to Christine for another great tutorial.

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