Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October meeting show and share

We had another amazing turnout for our meeting last week – partly because we're awesome (we think!) and partly because we were pleased to welcome BARRY, the knowledgeable sewing machine repair guy from The Cloth Castle

Here are the highlights of what Barry shared: don't mess with your bobbin tension!, clean your machine often, use a spool cap all the time, change your needle (a new one for every project or MORE OFTEN), don't wind your bobbins at top speed, and unthread your machine properly! 

Barry discussing thread tension.

Thank you Barry for coming and sharing tips with us, and for generously donating some door prizes as well!

We had the quarterly prize draw for our HST charity project. The fabulous Lisa, who is organizing all of it for us, told us that in August we had 296 blocks, in September we had 492 blocks
and in October, 807 blocks!

Thank you everyone! We still need lots more, so please continue making the 8" finished HST blocks. More info is here. We'll have another quarterly prize in February.

Christine (L) and Rhonda (R) with their prizes. Christine made 114 blocks and Rhonda made 80.  The prizes were donated by Bryan (the books and charm squares), and GALA Fabrics gave the generous gift certificates.

The October block lotto was tricky to photograph (it looked much better in person). It was won by our guest SAM B.!
The November block - the Slab technique from "Sunday Morning Quilts".

Stacie's Michael Miller challenge, finished in time for the Cowichan Valley Fair, and titled "Hello, My Name is Michael."

Stacie showed this work in progress from a class taught by our talented member Susan Teece.

Judi A. showed this quilt made for her teen-aged granddaughter (FRONT).

The back of Judi's quilt, made with leftover bits from the front and much more modern.

Tracy showed this top she made with the blocks she won in the May block lotto, the Wonky Diamond.

And now it's time for the Lois show! It has been a few months since Lois came to a meeting so she had a few finished quilts to show us.

Number 1, FRONT

Number 1, BACK (you can see the front ghosting through). And check out what the lighting did to Lois' black leather jacket!

Number 2, FRONT. From the "Kaffe drawer" of Lois' stash.

Number 2, BACK. Lois had it long arm quilted but felt afterwards that she could have handled the straight line quilting herself.

Number 3, FRONT. Also from the "Kaffe drawer" of Lois' stash. Lois DID quilt this one herself, going for a "Jennifer Watson style wavy line thing". An excellent first attempt!

Number 4, FRONT. Again, Lois quilted a "wavy line thing" but this time she hit what she was aiming for!

Dawna's finished quilt from a kit she picked up ages ago. (FRONT)

BACK. Dawna did a FMQ design of straight-ish lines with either leaves or flowers running down the length of the lines. 

And another lovely Dawna quilt, this one with her trademark spiral quilting.

Thea introduced us to "Priscilla". Priscilla has quite the history already, being an excellent fix from a bad dye job (she was nearly the colour of the worst sunburn you've ever had). The miniature details and all the work Thea put in on this doll was exquisite! 

Lastly, Lisa shows us the HST charity quilt assembled by Christine from blocks made BY YOU!

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