Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Hallowe'en

A few of our members wanted to wish you 
a happy Hallowe'en today!

The Queen of Hearts stopped by our sew-in last week and had a good chuckle before shouting "off with her head!"

Which someone was only too happy to do! 
That poor bride - what was the wedding night like?

And Princess Anna just wants to build a snowman before trick or treating. 

Happy Hallowe'en to you and yours. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Social Media 101 - uploading pictures on Facebook

Here is another Social Media info post from Christine, and we have our 2014 survey ready. It's a short one, only 15 questions, so please take a moment to answer our questions. It's your chance to influence the direction of the guild!

We had a positive response to the Social Media 101 post done a while back, but there were some questions regarding uploading pictures onto these social media websites, which will be addressed in this post.

Normally one has to be a member of a social media website, if one wants to upload pictures. If this is the case, then you need to create an identity, whether real or made-up to keep anonymity. Normally this requires an email address. It is recommended that the email address that you use for social media not be linked to any online banking or e-purchases, to be on the safe side.

To create an account, simply follow the instructions with an email address and a password. Once that is achieved, uploading pictures is usually quite simple. There is usually an icon and/or a drop down menu in the top bar.

The social media sites have similar picture uploading functions. Facebook is a good site to start off with.

There are two main ways to upload pictures:

  • putting photos on your own separate picture page (here circled in red and green for reference purposes) 
  • posting pictures onto someone else's or your own conversation thread
If you want to establish your own picture board, then click on the "Photos" with the red circle. Clicking on the green circle will lead you to the same set-up.

You will end up with a page similar to the one above. You can post all the pictures you want without organisation or you can create separate albums. 

I would like to upload the pictures that were taken from the July guild meeting (*ahem* I am a bit behind in my uploads...) . I click on "Add Photos" on the mid-right hand side. I choose the source of my pictures through the window that pops up on my screen to upload. This can be from your computer in your picture file for example, or a shared file like "Dropbox". 

Once you have selected the pictures you want uploaded, you can add in the album title, add any other descriptions you may have etc. If you have uploaded a picture that you regret including, this can be deleted at any time by going to the little drop down menu that appears under the arrow on the right hand side of the photo when you leave your mouse over the image.

Drag the mouse down to "Delete this Photo" to remove picture. As you can see, there is also the option of making this particular photo an "Album Cover", which will be the picture that will appear on the album, under the album folder. You can also include further description on the picture, identify people that are already on Facebook, add location where picture was taken etc. Just simply move your mouse around to the different icons, and you will normally be provided with explanations. Don't be shy to try! 

You can make the picture "private" for your eyes only, for "friends" on Facebook or "public" for all to see. Make sure you tick off the right box.

You will be notified when all the pictures are uploaded and you can edit at will. When you are finished editing, there is a button on the lower right "Post Photos". Click on that button and away you go!

You can return to the picture to add comments after it is published.

Once you have posted your pictures on Facebook, it will appear in your conversation thread and notify your friends as well, who may view your photos and perhaps even comment them or "like" them.

Please note that some sites have limits to how many pictures you can upload for free, so it is best to investigate before posting loads of photos.

With regards to uploading pictures on conversation threads, simply click on the camera icon (here with a purple circle for reference purposes) to upload a photo or video from your computer or shared drive with your comment.

As mentioned above, most sites have similar picture uploading mechanisms, so just poke around a bit. If there are any frustrations, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Good luck! 

Thank you Christine for preparing this, and remember:

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October events, info, and signups!!

Hello again MQG! Here are the announcements and info part of the meeting. The pictures of pretty quilts are HERE.

At the end of the meeting we have some door prizes which are generously donated by our local quilt and fabric stores. Please thank them if you are in their store! This month's prizes and winners were:

Cloth Castle gift certificate and fat quarter - Lisa W.
Gala Fabrics gift certificate - Josée (guest)
Sawyer's Pinmoors - Jo-Anne B.
 FQ set donated by Laura - Marcia (guest)
Capital Iron fat quarters - Marilyn
Olfa small rotary cutter and mini mat - Danica (guest)

and for our HST Charity Challenge the winner was:
Cloth Castle FQ bundle - we forget, but we'll update it soon

The block lottery was won by Sam!

Our inaugural 50/50 draw was for $61.50 and was won by Tracy!! The 50/50 monies are earmarked for the batting and backing for our Charity HST quilt project.

Sew-Ins! and our swaps:
  • Sew-Ins!! we have a few spaces left for the sew-in on FRIDAY at the Cloth Castle! 7pm-11pm, 10$ Email us to hold your spot.
  • Sew-In, part 2!! Lots of room for the sew-in on Sunday, November 9th. Pearkes Rec Centre, 12pm-4pm, 10$. Email us to hold your spot. We'd love for you to join us.
  • Our December meeting will have a participation-optional "mug rug and mug swap". Bring one, take one. Bonus points if you match your rug to your mug, and if you make it NON-Christmas. Loads of inspiration is HERE.
  • Sign up HERE to participate in the pouch swap with the Maritime MQG. Just like the swap we did with the Fraser Valley MQG (make a pouch, fill it with presents). Inspiration and links are HERE and HERE. Bring your finished pouch to the December meeting.
Other info:
  • One of our members, Jo-Anne A., is selling tickets as a fundraiser for a "quilts for cancer" group. Event is at Hillside Centre, EMAIL Jo-Anne for info and tickets.
  • Cloth Castle has the ENTIRE line of Cotton + Steel, on sale now.
  • Capital Iron has a new shipment of 100+ bolts.

October meeting show and share

We had another amazing turnout for our meeting last week – partly because we're awesome (we think!) and partly because we were pleased to welcome BARRY, the knowledgeable sewing machine repair guy from The Cloth Castle

Here are the highlights of what Barry shared: don't mess with your bobbin tension!, clean your machine often, use a spool cap all the time, change your needle (a new one for every project or MORE OFTEN), don't wind your bobbins at top speed, and unthread your machine properly! 

Barry discussing thread tension.

Thank you Barry for coming and sharing tips with us, and for generously donating some door prizes as well!

We had the quarterly prize draw for our HST charity project. The fabulous Lisa, who is organizing all of it for us, told us that in August we had 296 blocks, in September we had 492 blocks
and in October, 807 blocks!

Thank you everyone! We still need lots more, so please continue making the 8" finished HST blocks. More info is here. We'll have another quarterly prize in February.

Christine (L) and Rhonda (R) with their prizes. Christine made 114 blocks and Rhonda made 80.  The prizes were donated by Bryan (the books and charm squares), and GALA Fabrics gave the generous gift certificates.

The October block lotto was tricky to photograph (it looked much better in person). It was won by our guest SAM B.!
The November block - the Slab technique from "Sunday Morning Quilts".

Stacie's Michael Miller challenge, finished in time for the Cowichan Valley Fair, and titled "Hello, My Name is Michael."

Stacie showed this work in progress from a class taught by our talented member Susan Teece.

Judi A. showed this quilt made for her teen-aged granddaughter (FRONT).

The back of Judi's quilt, made with leftover bits from the front and much more modern.

Tracy showed this top she made with the blocks she won in the May block lotto, the Wonky Diamond.

And now it's time for the Lois show! It has been a few months since Lois came to a meeting so she had a few finished quilts to show us.

Number 1, FRONT

Number 1, BACK (you can see the front ghosting through). And check out what the lighting did to Lois' black leather jacket!

Number 2, FRONT. From the "Kaffe drawer" of Lois' stash.

Number 2, BACK. Lois had it long arm quilted but felt afterwards that she could have handled the straight line quilting herself.

Number 3, FRONT. Also from the "Kaffe drawer" of Lois' stash. Lois DID quilt this one herself, going for a "Jennifer Watson style wavy line thing". An excellent first attempt!

Number 4, FRONT. Again, Lois quilted a "wavy line thing" but this time she hit what she was aiming for!

Dawna's finished quilt from a kit she picked up ages ago. (FRONT)

BACK. Dawna did a FMQ design of straight-ish lines with either leaves or flowers running down the length of the lines. 

And another lovely Dawna quilt, this one with her trademark spiral quilting.

Thea introduced us to "Priscilla". Priscilla has quite the history already, being an excellent fix from a bad dye job (she was nearly the colour of the worst sunburn you've ever had). The miniature details and all the work Thea put in on this doll was exquisite! 

Lastly, Lisa shows us the HST charity quilt assembled by Christine from blocks made BY YOU!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Weekend events!

Thanks everyone for an awesome meeting last night. There are two events happening this weekend that we wanted to let you know about. 

Thing 1: Our own Susan Teece is one of the featured artists in the Sidney Fine Art Show. It runs today through Sunday, the 17th - 19th. Information is HERE.

Thing 2: Coast Collective is having their first ever STASH SALE! Today and tomorrow only, the 17th - 18th, 12pm - 5pm both days. Information is HERE.

October 2014 - Slab technique

Our colour palette this month is RAINBOW with a touch of white, so choose ONE colour per block and make a 10.5" unfinished block. Make as many as you like - each block nets you one lottery ticket to win the whole batch.

How do you make a slab? If you have the book "Sunday Morning Quilts" by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison, refer to the directions on pages 48-49. If you don't have the book let us summarize how to make a slab:

Take a square or rectangle of white fabric and a piece of your chosen colour. Sew them together. Take two pieces of coloured fabric and sew them together. Do that a few more times. 

Then start sewing more pieces to those first pairs. 

Sew groups together. 

Add additional pieces of fabric as necessary to get up to your finished size. Start with small bits or big ones, it doesn't matter. Raid your scrap bins and go with what you've got.

Tip from Bryan: press seams after you sew them. Trim square before adding the next block (see picture above). Make it at least 11" square and trim to 10.5" square. Remember, one block = one lottery ticket!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

It's meeting time!!

It's our meeting tonight!

Tonight at Pearkes Rec Centre. 7pm, Owen room on the main floor - through the main doors and down the hall immediately on your left. Click the link for parking, maps and transit info. 

We have a presentation on domestic sewing machine maintenance tonight, done by Barry from The Cloth Castle

Please bring:
• a mug for tea or coffee,
• your name tag to wear,
• your show and share, 

• your block for the block lottery.

• your HST blocks for our Charity drive. **Remember we're giving out awesome prizes for the two people who made the most blocks!**

• if your birthday is in October, please bring cookies or a treat to share, 

• MONEY: cash, cheque or credit card if you are joining or signing up for sew-ins, buying FQ of white or black, AND we have our 50/50 draw starting!

Other info:
• If you are not a member of MQG Victoria there is a 5$ drop in fee. If you decide to join our guild the 5$ will be discounted from your membership dues. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

September meeting wrap up

Happy birthday to us!

We had a lovely and busy meeting in September with a record 21 guests in attendance! Thank you to everyone who came, to everyone who brings a friend, and to all our members and supporters! Can you believe it's been a **whole year** already? 

MQG Victoria First meeting, Sept. 2013 at Satin Moon
And Sept. 2014, currently meeting at Pearkes,
and with a chair for everyone!

Now on to the notices and then pictures!

  • Michele B asked on Facebook"Does anyone have a copy of Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston that I might be able to please borrow? There's a technique for wonky blocks in it that I'd really like to try."
Please contact Michele through Facebook if you can loan her a copy.
  • October meeting guest star is Barry, of Cloth Castle to teach us about home machine maintenance. 

The July BOM, won by Sue!

Lisa showing our first Charity Quilt top. 
We are over halfway to our goal of 10 quilts for Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter. Check out all the info HERE, and remember in October that we'll be handing out a first and second prize for the people who donated the most blocks!

The Spiderweb is for the October block lotto.

Show and Share time!

Terri showing us a pair of very old quilt tops from her family.

Rita's lovely stacked coins baby quilt (check out the quiting!)

And another lovely quilt by Rita!

Nicole did some indigo dyeing at the PNWMQG meet up in Vancouver.

Nicole's Michael Miller Challenge quilt, made for a new baby.

Guest Elizabeth came to the July meeting and loved the block lotto SO MUCH, she was inspired to make this quilt. She quilted it all on her spiffy new Janome.

Rosalie showed this simple but lovely lap quilt.

And this mini as well.

Christine showed this disappearing 9-patch baby quilt. Lots of good luck red for the baby, and made with leftovers from the wedding quilt made for his parents.

And the back. Also quilted on a spiffy home sewing machine with a pre-programmed stitch.

Paula made this awesome purse and clutch wallet set. The pattern came from Emmaline Bags via Quilter's Connection Magazine. The purse pattern is HERE and the clutch wallet pattern is HERE.

At the end of the meeting we have some door prizes which are generously donated by our local quilt and fabric stores. Please thank them if you are in their store! This month's prizes and winners were:

Cloth Castle gift certificate and fat quarter - Shelsey (guest)
Kaleidoscope Fabrics AND Stacie Wilson super awesome prize pack - Nancy
Sawyer's notion - Lynn
Sawyer's notion - Rosalie (guest)
Calico Cupboard fat quarters - Jan
Bib 'N Tucker gift certificate - Stacie
Capital Iron fat quarters - Susan

and for our HST Charity Challenge the winner was:

Gala Fabrics gift certificate - Tami

edited to add: WHOOPS! we forgot Satin Moon!! Linda graciously donated a gift certificate which was won by Patricia.

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 16th at Pearkes and the October Sew In is October 24th at the Cloth Castle. See you at one, or both, and happy Thanksgiving to you!