Wednesday, 9 July 2014

HST Questions answered

For our ambitious charity project we have had a couple of questions asked about details of our HST drive. Full details of the project are HERE, and the HST tutorial is HERE.

Question 1: To prewash or not to prewash, that is the question asked by Michelle. 

Answer 1: Do what works best for you. This is a charity project and we don't want to be too bossy (and thus limit the number of blocks we get donated).

Question 2: Fabric choice. Not all of us have a stash that is 100% modern fabrics, so we use what we do have.

Answer 2: Our criteria for fabric choice is
1. modern fabric if possible
2. otherwise BRIGHT colours (light and medium value fabrics)

Edited to add: Satin Moon has just gotten in four terrific tone on tones IN OUR COLOURS! Thanks Linda!

One of our fabulous members sent us pictures of some possible fabrics; here is our assessment of their suitability, remembering that photos and individual computers can affect the perceived colour. 

Yes. The print looks good. 

No. Not bright enough.

Probably no - it looks too dark.


Maybe - the photo looks closer to blue than teal/turquoise.


Maybe - looks quite dark.

As above for the other blue. Is it teal/turquoise in person?

Maybe - looks quite dark.

The photo makes it look quite yellow, but if it is green then YES.


We hope this helps clarify things for you if you had doubts or questions. Feel free to ask, either by leaving a comment or emailing us. Happy sewing, and thanks for helping out with this project. 


  1. Oh great, this is helpful. The pear fabric is definitely a green colour.

    It was actually news to me that the Kona colour cedar is orange because I had been thinking of it as brown but then I asked a kid "what colour is this?" and he said "orange" Also I was reading a quite technical website on colour that said brown is really dark orange (although you don't want to think about that while you's having a nice cup of coffee LOL!) That was why I was wondering about the striped fabric at the top.
    Just need my machine back from Sawyer's to get back into production mode here ...

  2. Is there anywhere on the website where the Mona color names and numbers are listed? We seem to use them as reference quite often. If they aren't listed, could you add them please. Thanks! Marg. S.

    1. That should be Kona, not Mona...darned spell check! Marg.

    2. Check out this collage here, but note that the orange has been swapped to CARROT.