Thursday, 19 June 2014

June BOM - Framed In

You will need:
  • One fat quarter of Solid White, such as Kona White, make sure it is pure white and not off white!
  • Random scraps of printed and solid fabrics in the colour scheme of lime, teal, aqua, and turquoise
  • One strip of 1" x 30" medium grey (solid) fabric 
Colour Scheme


Take a small scrap of fabric, approximately 2” x 3”, and cut off a corner of it to make it a wonky 5 sided shape.

Sew a strip onto one side of your shape,

 and press the seam.

Make the strip wonky by cutting off a corner.

Continue sewing on new strips and pieces, pressing the seams and trimming your block until you have a larger four sided shape, NO BIGGER than 5” x 7”.

Trim your block square (or rectangular), just make sure it is a four sided object with four 90° corners. A rectangle should be MAX 5"x7". A square can be any size between 3" square and 6" square. 

Take your grey 1” wide fabric and add it as a border to your patchwork. Sew it onto all four sides of your block giving it a nice frame.

You have now completed the Floating Scrappy patch.

Take your white fabric and sew strips on to all four sides so it is a 12.5” X 12.5” square. Make sure to leave at least 1" of white between the Floating Scrappy patch and the edge of the block.

Your block is now done. Make one or two or ten! Each block gives you one lottery ticket to win the whole batch.

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