Thursday, 15 May 2014

May Block of the Month Instructions

May Block of the Month – Wonky Diamond

You will need:
Solid White, such as Kona White, make sure it is pure white and not off white!, either a FQ or 7” x WOF

Random 1” to 2” wide strips of bright cheerful modern prints and solid colour fabrics *Think tropical skittles*

1. From your white FQ or WOF,  cut four 6.5” squares. 
(not pictured)

2. Place your 3/4” ruler mark from corner to corner on your square and cut off the triangle. Discard or save for another project.

3. Take a strip and sew it onto the edge you just cut, make sure the strip goes past each edge by at least half an inch. Press your seams away from the white.
(not pictured)

4. Take your ruler and make the strip wonky by trimming some of the strip off on an angle.*TIP* make sure that when you trim that you leave it at least a 1/2” wide at it narrowest so you have seam allowance.

5. Continue adding strips and making them wonky until the block is back to its original size.

6. Trim block to the original 6.5” square.

7. Repeat steps 3-5 until all four blocks are done. Do NOT sew them together. 

Bring the 4 mini blocks (each one 6.5”) to our June meeting. 
4 mini blocks = 1 lottery ticket.

This is what four blocks sewn together looks like. We will let the lucky winner[s] choose their layout themselves.

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