Thursday, 29 May 2014

Happy birthday!

to us!

It was only one year ago that a few people first got together to talk about starting a local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild

Holly Broadland, a founder of the Vancouver MQG had put us all in touch with each other. 

Jo-Anne hosted us at her house and Nicole, Rebecca, Gail, and Brenda were all there. We had our first public appearance in mid-August and our first guild meeting was at Satin Moon Quilted Garden in September. 

And here we are, a year later, already in our second home (our third if you count Jo-Anne's as our first) with 77 members

Thank you! To our members first and foremost. To the quilt shops in town for your support. To the big MQG, thanks. 

See you at the next meeting, Thursday June 19th at Pearkes Rec. Centre.

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