Friday, 25 April 2014

April BOM instructions!

Here are the instructions and pictures for making our April block of the month lottery, "Nicole's Choice". Thank you Bryan for working out all the math and sizes, and for doing a great demo too. 

This month our BOM is based off of this quilt:

You will need:
One fat quarter of Solid White, such as Kona White. Make sure it is pure white and not off white!
One 3” x 10” strip of solid fabric. Use one of the following colours from your left over Kona modern block. Those colours are:
  • Glacier (Teal)
  • Cedar (Orange)
  • Cactus (Green)
  • Cardinal (Red)
One 1.5”x 17” Strip of fabric in an modern print tone-on-tone print that matches one of the three colours listed above, (not the colour you previously chose!)
One 2.5”x 17” Strip of fabric in an modern print tone-on-tone print that matches one of the two remaining colours listed above but is different than the 1.5” strip.

1. From your fat quarter of white cut one 14.5” x 14” rectangle and a 3” x 10” strip.  # tip# mark the short end so you don't cut the wrong side.

2. On the long side of the rectangle cut off a 4” x 14.5” strip.

3. Sew your 2.5” strip into the cut you just made, and square it up.

4. Cut a 2.5” strip off of the right side of the block.

5. Sew your 1.5” strip in to the cut and square it up.

6. Sew your 3" solid colour fabric to your 3" solid white fabric so it forms a loop. Cut the loop so it has at least 2.5" on one end and 4.5" on the other. 

7. Cut the block in half, 2” away from the red strip.

8. Sew the new strip into the cut you made in and square your block so its  15.5" x 15.5".

Make one, make 10. Each block gets you one lottery ticket to win the whole lot. 

Bring your blocks to the May meeting, May 15th at Pearkes!

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