Wednesday, 12 March 2014

That was fun!

We had a super busy weekend with TWO separate events for our members. 

On Saturday we had a private tour of the Carole Sabiston exhibit at the AGGV.  We were a small but appreciative group guided around the exhibit by Lynne. I feel confident in saying that all of us left the exhibit feeling inspired and with ideas for our own works. 

Here are two pictures of Ms Sabiston's work:

Centre panel of "Points of Ocean View"

Detail from "Everything Below All of the Above", from AGGV website. 

And then on Sunday we had our very first sew-in. We were in a spacious and sunny! room at Pearkes Arena. There were thirteen awesome people who came together and sewed for four enjoyable hours. Some of us talked more than sewed but everyone had a great time. We are planning to have monthly sew-ins – perhaps you'll be at the next one?  

Have a great week everyone, happy sewing, and see you at our March meeting next Thursday, March 20th at Satin Moon. 

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