Saturday, 29 March 2014

Show and Share – March meeting

Here at long last are the pictures from our March meeting last week - our most fabulous, best attended, first trunk show, super awesome meeting!

This month's block: the Burly Quilter Block - 
won by Marg Shepherd!

We had a whopping 52 people at the meeting! Satin Moon was full to bursting but we all squeezed in somehow. Thank you as always to our generous and gracious host Linda. Marianne Haak from The Quilting Edge gave an excellent talk and showed us her beautiful quilts. 

We also collected our blocks made in our guild colours, generously donated by Robert Kaufman fabrics. These will be turning into a table banner for us to use at events in future. 

We announced our first workshop, to be held Saturday, May 10th. Krista Hennebury will be teaching the "241 Bag" by Anna from Noodlehead. Click HERE for the info about the class. Email us if you want to be part of this one. Cost is 45$ members/55$ non-members. 

Two samples of the 241 bags - lots of different styling options!

Bryan demonstrated this month's BOM, the Monochromatic X&+ block. Instructions are HERE.

After signups, snacks, and shopping we came back for Marianne's presentation. You couldn't tell but Marianne is new to speaking and teaching engagements. We are so lucky to have her be part of our guild and to share her experiences with us. Here are just a few pictures of her and her quilts. 

Front of the quilt
Back of the quilt

"Colourshot" detail

"Aura I"
Marianne tried diagonal joins instead of square.

Even her scraps are beautiful. 
Thank you again Marianne for coming to our meeting and speaking to us. Enjoy the snow back in Edmonton and we will see you in May!

Following Marianne we had our show and share. 

Barbara's table runner

Jane's friendship quilt, made collaboratively with a group of friends. Not very modern by her own admission but finished and still lovely. 

Gabrielle's granny square quilt. She did a lot of these blocks at our first sew in!

Thea went to the bead show earlier in the month and saw modern quilts in the beads!
Judy was one of the three winners of our very first BOM! She was able to make TWO twin quilts out of her portion of the blocks. 

Quilt 1, with a pink binding.

Quilt 2, with a green binding.

Nicole's baby quilt for her soon-to-arrive niece or nephew. Pattern is from Cluck Cluck Sew but Nicole did all the math herself to make it this small.

**the baby is on its way this weekend!!**

Stacie's cool quilt from her stash. 

Another Stacie quilt - mixing flannels and cottons together. 

Susan's "Husband's Sudoku" quilt. She randomly assigned each number a colour and used a finished sudoku puzzle for the layout. 
Back of Susan's.

Kari made these two pillowcases to match the queen size quilt she made for her mum's Christmas present. Pattern is from Anna Maria Horner

Terri did this as a sample for Satin Moon. It is an advent calendar - the balloon baskets are pockets and the roofs of the houses all lift up. 

Terri also showed us this nifty binding technique. It gives more of a "blanket edge" instead of a traditional quilt binding. We are looking forward to the tutorial Terri!

Esther won the uneven stacked coin block of the month at her first meeting in November, and here is the finished quilt!

She pieced the back using a striped fabric. 

Judi showed us her happy birthday table runner. 

Lucky Michele won two passes to the Art Gallery as well as a catalogue of the Carole Sabiston exhibit. Thank you AGGV for donating this lovely prize!

Nicole's husband had this made for her. 

Our traditional last shot of all the quilts piled up for everyone to look at and touch. 

And that brings us to the end of our March meeting wrap up. We hope to see you at the April meeting, Thursday, April 17th at Satin Moon. Happy sewing in the mean time!

Friday, 21 March 2014

March meeting thanks

Our show and share pictures will be coming soon but we wanted to say what an AMAZING meeting we had last night. We beat our record - again! - for attendance with 52 people! And one of those people was the lovely, the talented Marianne Haak

Thank you Marianne for joining us last night and talking to us about your amazing quilts. Marianne's blog THE QUILTING EDGE is linked on our sidebar as well as HERE

Have a lovely weekend, and may you be inspired in your work. 

March Block of the Month Instructions

Monochromatic + & X Block- March BOM
“Pick your favorite color and represent your love for it in this monochromatic block.”

NB: we're trying something a little different this month - instead of providing step by step photos, we ask that you click over to the inspiration tutorial since that is so well written. The link is at the bottom in a REALLY big font. 

Fabrics Required:

  •      1 SOLID color fabric for the center cross - two 2" squares, one 5" x 2" strip 
  •    1 fabric for the edges of the cross in the same color family as the center - four 2" squares
  •      1 SOLID WHITE fabric (not white on white print) for the background triangles - eight 2" squares
  •      4 Scrappy fabrics for the arms of the x in the SAME color palette as your solid + shape - four different 3.5" squares to create a monochromatic look.


Making the X

  1. Begin by aligning one 2" background square onto of one 3.5" square, aligning the corners with right sides facing.
  2. Using a fabric marking pen and straight edge, draw a straight line for corner to corner on your small background fabric square.
  3. Sew directly on the line you traced.
  4. Trim away the outer edge, leaving 1/4" for seam allowance.
  5. Press open and repeat for the opposite corner. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have 4.
Making the +

  1. Sew a solid color 2” square to a printed 2” square. Repeat to make two pairs.
  2. Sew your printed 2” squares on the short ends of your solid color rectangle. 
  3. Sew together all the parts as so it looks like the diagram.
  4. Your block will be 8" unfinished. 
This diagram is for LAYOUT purposes only,
NOT for colour placement. 

Diagram and directions from

Colour inspiration by

And as always, one block garners you one lotto ticket to win the whole batch. Make one, make five! See you next month!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Meeting tonight!!

See you at Satin Moon Quilted Garden tonight folks. It's going to be another great meeting. 

7pm • 825 Fort St. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March Meeting reminder

The March meeting is nigh and here are all the details for you. 

Thursday, March 20th, 7pm at Satin Moon • 825 Fort St.

Please bring:
• a mug for tea or coffee
• your name tag to wear - remember that if you win a door prize you must have your name tag or you forfeit the prize.
• a chair if you have one
• your show and share – we will continue with the sign up for show and share.
• your block of the month block lottery. Here are the instructions if you want to do one or two (or ten!) before the meeting. There was an oops! in the instructions but the tutorial on-line has the correct info.
• if your birthday is in March, please bring cookies or a treat to share.

• empty thread spools for Wild Arc
• cash, cheque or credit card if you are signing up for sew-ins or workshops
• your 6.5" unfinished block using our Kona solids for our guild banner. Instructions are here

Other info:
If you are not a member or planning to join MQG Victoria at this time there is a 5$ drop in fee. 

We will be passing out fabric for the Modern Metallic fabric challenge to the members who signed up for this challenge.  

Our very special guest, Marianne Haak of The Quilting Edge, will be doing a presentation for us.

Minutes from the February meeting are HERE.

This is going to be another amazing meeting. See you there!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Book Review: Material Obesession

Book Review from Judy L. 

    This book is still available on line, along with many others by these authors.
    I received this book for my birthday in 2010. My lady/house quilt was inspired by the pattern called 'The Burbs' in this  book. The pattern is called a 'recipe', and you are  encouraged to 'let yourself go!' They wrote: Don't 'worry about measuring'. It's hard to stop oneself, when you always use a ruler, and tend to plan quilts, but it was freeing. It was also hard to make crooked houses, like they suggested. When putting the flowers on they wrote, 'Put them in place when you are happy.' I enjoyed the writing style, and found the directions clear and easy to follow. Their website/blog is equally interesting:

And here is a bit about Judy L. herself:

How long have you been sewing/quilting?
I could say that I started sewing when I was 3 years old. I had picked out the inside seam of my yellow rompers, and my mother made me sew them back up. I sewed my dolls clothes by hand, and when I was 6, I sewed an apron for my aunt all by hand. When I was 12, I sewed myself a top by hand. That's when my mother finally allowed me to use her sewing machine. I sewed most of my clothes for many years. Then I discovered quilting... 
In 1990, I decided to make a quilt similar to one that is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum collection. It is 84 inches square, and took about 13 years to quilt by hand. I entered it into the Saanich Fair, and won 1st prize for 1st quilt category. Since then, I've made about one quilt per year.

Favourite quilt you've made?
    My favourite quilt is my log cabin quilt in the warm browns, yellows & greens of fall, and pinkish red for the centres.  Each fabric reminds me of nature.

What are you working on now?
    Right now, I'm working on a quilt for my father. The pattern reminds me of a mosaic floor, to which I added a twist. The black and white 8-pointed stars have bright coloured fish swimming through them. The surrounding fabric is in pale blue, brown, yellow and green with a splash of colour in places.  
    I'm also working on a machine appliqu├ęd quilt for a friend that we designed together. It's lap-sized, and is covered in realistic cats, flowers and birds. I discovered that if you can take a picture of it, you can cut the image up into fabric shapes. There's no end to possibilities.
    I'm also crazy quilting a large bag, which I've shown at a meeting. It's a lot of fun using beads, parts of old necklaces, embroidery, ribbon embroidery, and buttons. 
    I made 2 quilts out of the blocks that I'd won.  I hope to have the binding on before the next meeting.

Thanks Judy for the book review!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

That was fun!

We had a super busy weekend with TWO separate events for our members. 

On Saturday we had a private tour of the Carole Sabiston exhibit at the AGGV.  We were a small but appreciative group guided around the exhibit by Lynne. I feel confident in saying that all of us left the exhibit feeling inspired and with ideas for our own works. 

Here are two pictures of Ms Sabiston's work:

Centre panel of "Points of Ocean View"

Detail from "Everything Below All of the Above", from AGGV website. 

And then on Sunday we had our very first sew-in. We were in a spacious and sunny! room at Pearkes Arena. There were thirteen awesome people who came together and sewed for four enjoyable hours. Some of us talked more than sewed but everyone had a great time. We are planning to have monthly sew-ins – perhaps you'll be at the next one?  

Have a great week everyone, happy sewing, and see you at our March meeting next Thursday, March 20th at Satin Moon. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weekend events

We've got a full schedule of events planned this weekend – 
our first-ever events; here are all the details.

SATURDAY, March 8th: guided tour of the Carole Sabiston exhibit at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The gallery opens at 10am, our tour starts at 10:30. Admission is 11$/adults, 9$/seniors. Please meet in the front lobby. Our tour will be about an hour. 

If you cannot come on Saturday we might arrange another tour in April. Details at the guild meeting March 20th.

Via CAR: there is parking at the gallery as well as street parking surrounding the gallery. 

Via BUS: from town, take the #11#14 or #22 to Fort and Moss, then a short block on Moss. Ask the driver to point you in the right direction when you disembark.

** move your clocks ahead one hour at bed-time!!**

SUNDAY, March 9th: our very first sew-in!! 
Where: Pearkes Arena, Gardom Room
When: 11am-3pm (remember clocks moved ahead an hour!)
What to bring: 
    sewing machine or hand sewing
    whatever project you're working on 
    an extension cord and a power bar if you have one
    a lunch or snacks for yourself
  10$ if you have not already paid. Please give this to Stacie or Heather. 

NOTES: We will have an ironing board and iron set up. The room is on the second floor but there is an elevator if you prefer. There is a big event happening as well as our modest sew-in - do not park in the Fabricland parking lot!! Pearkes suggested the elevated parkade level OR the top secret behind-the-arena-parking-area.

The room is big enough that we can accommodate one or two more people. Please EMAIL us if would like to come.