Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Non-meeting reminder

Hello friends of MQG Victoria!

Thursday is indeed the third Thursday of the month but we are NOT having a meeting. We've put it off in the interest of keeping ourselves sane at this time of year. 

But we'll be back and better than ever in January, on Jan. 16th to be exact. That's the official opening up of our membership and we have lots of treats and surprises already planned for that meeting. We hope to see you there! 

And in the mean time, whatever you celebrate: we wish you a merry Christmas, or a belated happy Hanukkah, and a joyful Solstice to all!

Monday, 9 December 2013


Have you seen our Flickr page recently? It's got loads of pictures from all our meetings and events. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

All about the November meeting

On Thursday we had our third meeting and our most successful one yet. We managed to cram over forty people into Satin Moon (thanks again to our lovely and gracious host, Linda) and everyone had a great time. 

We started with the business portion of the meeting, first introducing some of the "do-it" committee aka the executive. Stacie, our cracker-jack treasurer, gave us the low down about being able to accept credit cards at our meetings. Heather, in charge of membership, gave details about our upcoming membership drive. Membership will run from January to December each year, with early renewal available in November. And we had some takers, even a few who paid with credit cards right then and there!

Nicole relaying business stuff in front of some blocks of the month. 

Christine has gotten all of our social media underway and I think we are everywhere: facebook, flickr, instagram, twitter, pinterest, as well as here on this blog. Check out the links on our sidebar right over there ---> Please upload pictures, re-tweet us, and like us on facebook. Spread the word to all your friends about us and how awesome we are. 

Satin Moon had sponsored a Modern Challenge, providing a FQ to participants and asking them to interpret "modern" anyway they like. The winner, chosen by viewer's choice, was Pam B. from our guild! She won 25$ to spend at Satin Moon. Congratulations Pam!

Next we broke for cookies and coffee, to chat and to peruse the sale tables. When we came back we had another block of the month demo, 
this time an uneven stacked coins block:

Last month's block of the month was a modern disappearing 9 patch and boy did we have an amazing number of blocks turned in! Some people made one or two, someone made eight, and someone else made twenty-two! It just goes to show how easy that block is. 

Here's another picture of our design wall covered in 9patch blocks:
Note that each block you see is actually on top of THREE other blocks. There were 91 sets of four turned in, giving us 364 total. 

That is why we chose three winners this month:
from left: Terri, Judy, and Laura

Next we moved on to show and share and again, what a lot of beautiful things!

A small wool blanket cut down and pieced from Lana's 
grandmother's blanket and backed in fleece. 

Chris's queen size flying geese for her daughter.

Stacie's colourful flowers. 

Thea's all blue quilt - no repeated fabrics!

Christine's Tokyo Subway quilt from Oh, Fransson. The neutral colour is linen which gave such a nice weight to it. And she quilted it in the dogwood/orange peel pattern, also from Oh, Franson

Heather's disappearing 9 patch (not terribly modern by her own admission) but FINISHED! and thematically linked to our block of the month. 

Ruth's dinosaur bones quilt for her grandson. She did terrific prairie points all around the edge of the quilt and graduated them in size to mimic the plates on a stegosaurus. 

Nicole's solid fabric inventory sheet, page one of three.

Nicole's mini, to be used as her christmas card - a reproduction of a Charlie Harper image. 

Kimberley's mini.

Linda made an advent calendar for her sister. 

Barbara showing her hand- and bead-work. 

Gabrielle's amazing and enormous! quilt - check out the quilting, all done on her domestic machine. 

And Gabrielle again with a value quilt. 

Jane was challenged by a friend to try this project out! It will be a cushion for her granddaughter (L) and a paper pieced string pinwheel cushion for her grandson (R). 

Nicole's quilt which hung in the AQS show in Des Moines (their first modern show, and so popular they'll be doing it again). 

Lots of quilty goodness from our meeting. 

We hope to see you at our next one, in January. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

November Block of the Month instructions

November 2013 • Uneven Stacked Coins Block

You need: 
8-12 scrap strips - use happy, bright scraps. 1.5" or 2" wide, 3-8" long
8-12 WHITE solid strips. 1.5" or 2" wide, 12" long

Your strips need to total 12” high (finished), so check your math for how many you need!! 
I used 3 at 2” wide and 8 at 1.5” wide for this block. 

Start with your scrap strips:

Cut them to EITHER 1.5" or 2" wide and square up the ends if necessary. 

Sort into two piles (1.5" and 2") and count the number of each width. 

Cut that number of white strips in matching widths. 
Cut all white strips 12" long. 

Chain sew one white to each scrap strip and cut them apart.

Now sew the other end of the white to the other end of the scrap strip. Pay attention to which side your seam allowance is on!

You should now have some clever little loops. 

Grab a pair of scissors (not pictured) and cut the loop apart, cutting anywhere in the white section. Leave at least 2" of white next to the seam allowance. 
Strips are now 14.5" - 19.5" long. Press all seam allowances towards the colour.

Lay out all your strips and tweak them until you like the arrangement. Make sure you have at least 13" of width at the narrowest point.

Line up your ruler with the shortest piece and cut, first on one side....

and then on the other. 

Like so!

Sew all your strip together in pairs, then the pairs together,
then those together...

until you have a sewn together block measuring about 12.5" x 13".
Press all seam allowances in one direction.

Trim to 12.5" square. 

Call it done, or make another one. Bring those to the meeting on January 16th and turn each block in for one lottery ticket. Maybe you'll win this time!

Too wordy? Too many pictures?

Here's the handout version:

Monday, 18 November 2013

November meeting reminder

Hello friends - it's time to gather once again and have loads of fun with modern quilts.

Our meeting is:

Thursday, Nov. 21st
7pm onwards
Satin Moon Quilted Garden • 825 Fort St. 

Please bring:

  • a mug for coffee (none will be supplied)
  • a chair if you have one
  • 3$ for the drop-in fee
  • your disappearing 9 patch blocks for the block lottery
  • something for show and share! Let's see what you've been working on. 

We have many things to share with you so we hope to see you there.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Hallowe'en!


Happy Hallowe'en to you and yours. It's been a gorgeous October so far in Victoria – let's hope the rain holds off for just another few hours. 

If you have little ones we hope they have an exciting time tonight. 

And remember, our next meeting is three weeks tonight – Nov. 21st!

Friday, 18 October 2013

October Block of the Month instructions

Block of the Month demo and lottery 
October 2013 • Disappearing 9 patch

How do you make a disappearing 9 patch block modern?
Use lots of neutral! 

You need: 
5  5” squares of WHITE solid (not tone on tone)
2  5” squares of colour A print
2  5” squares of colour B print

Sew the 9 patch together in any layout you like; the more random, the better. You will get a 14” block. Cut your block horizontally and vertically down the centre, leaving you with 4 7” square blocks. 

At this point, you would mix and match and rearrange your small blocks, then sew them all together but for our lottery you will bring in the four small blocks. 4  7” blocks = 1 lottery ticket. No limit to how many you can make!

Here are some possible layouts (above) and here's what they look like quartered (below). 

image taken from St. Louis Folk Victorian

Remember you can make as many as you like. Have fun!

A successful second meeting

We set new records with attendance last night and we hope people had a good time. We talked a lot about the founding Modern Quilt Guild, started in LA in 2009, and our group joining up with other like minded quilters around the world. Elections will be held in January as well as having our annual membership dues start then.

Moving on to the fun stuff....

Nicole did the first block of the month demo, a disappearing 9 patch made modern. The rules for this one are simple; using

5  5” squares of WHITE solid
2  5” squares of colour A print
2  5” squares of colour B print

lay them out in ANY 3x3 configuration you like, sew them together then chop them in half vertically and horizontally and bring them to the November meeting. For every four mini-blocks you bring you will get a lottery ticket to win ALL the blocks. How fabulous is that? 

Three different layouts

Show and share brought loads of terrific quilts and things:

Brenda's version of the Spectrum school gym floor

Brian's pillow

Brian's quilt 
Brian also made a wallet but didn't pass that around!

Jeni's amazing skull, all free motion quilted

Margaret's fully reversible, quilt as you go puzzle quilt
Rosalie's first piece

Another piece by Rosalie

Not sure who is hiding behind this awesome one....
Ursula's piece using store bought bias tape leftover from a long time ago. 

Not pictured were a terrific hand pieced quilt featuring people and houses and Ruth had an Egyptian flag sewn into a moebius loop which when combined with a chair is called "Throne for a Loop".

Door prizes this month were kindly donated by our local fabric shops and we thank them very much. Brian, Gail, Karen, Margaret, Jane M., and Lois were all a little happier after winning. We would like to thank:

And of course many thanks to our host Linda at Satin Moon. 

Come see the fabulous mini quilts she has on display now for her Modern Challenge. 

See you next month, on November 21st! Happy quilting until then,

MQG Victoria