Thursday, 18 October 2018

October Block Lotto

Autumn trees is the theme of today! That's my dad, on the golf course last weekend.

Dig into your stash and pull your autumn colours.  Red, orange, yellow, rust, gold, green, brown.
Use only print fabrics, please.
You will need four 7.5" squares, and four 1.5"x 2" brown squares to make your four small blocks. My photo only shows fabric to make 2 blocks, and I have cut 2" off the 7.5" block already.
We are going to use a free tutorial from Diary of a Quilter. Click here to learn how to make some fun, quick, and super easy modern trees.  DO NOT use her dimensions, we are making a different size block. Use the instructions, with the above cut size fabrics and you should end up with 6.5" blocks.  Your small strips for the base will come from the 2.5" strip you cut of your starting square.

You must make 4 small (6.5") blocks for one block lotto. DO NOT sew these together!

Have fun; it was so easy, I have started a quilt for myself in a another colour palette.

Thanks Gayle Ritchie for sending me the link for this block.

4 small blocks= 1 block lotto, so make 4, make 8, make a dozen little modern trees.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Birthday Mini Challenge

Happy Birthday to us! MQG Victoria is five years old and to celebrate we’re doing a fun mini quilt challenge. If you were at the September meeting you will have received a “lollipop” of polka-dot fabric (if you weren’t there don’t worry, you can still get one at the October meeting).

Incorporate this fabric into a mini... the only rules are that it must be quilted and bound, with a perimeter measurement of at least 48” and no bigger than 100”, and it must contain your polka-dot fabric. Other than that, you’re free to create whatever modern mini quilt you would like!

Bring your completed mini quilt to the November meeting. We look forward to seeing them!

Monday, 1 October 2018

September Show & Share

There were lots of great contributions for Show & Share this month - check out what our members have been up to. There also seemed to be an unofficial theme of "Dress to Match Your Quilt"... spot the coordinated quilters!

This quilt was made by Lisa for her son, and it won a first prize ribbon at the Saanich fair!
Rosalie has been in the pink, first with this one made of squares....
...and this one of triangles.
Nicole made this wonky star quilt in five days, and finished the binding on the day of our meeting!

Notice the excellent cardigan/quilt binding coordination.
Sharon's vibrant diamond patterned quilt is called Boomerang.
Esther spent the summer making bags and wallets, some with yard sale fabric.

Looks like there may be some wallet/shirt coordination as well...
Sarah made cats! And cats with glasses!
 Jo made this quilt from Block Lotto winnings - remember the heart blocks? She's donating this to the Victoria Hospital Foundation.
Jo's lucky sister-in-law is getting this one... Jo based it on our June Block Lotto block.
And a third quilt by Jo - this one is based on the puzzle piece block we did in June, 2017.
Anne and her sister Crin made this charity quilt with their friend Mary, and Anne quilted it.

Expert quilter/quilt coordination by Crin!
 Barbara’s embroidery guild had a challenge to create something with this blue fabric, and she made a modern mini quilt.
 Barbara also made this one with sashiko stitching... and she made that ginkgo leaf print fabric herself!
 Kathleen made this striking throw for her sister's new apartment.
 Mary called this quilt Off To The Fair, then it went off to the Saanich fair and won a first place ribbon!
Last month Netta showed us a pink baby quilt.... the baby has now arrived and it's a boy, so she whipped up another one in blue.

We can't see her shirt, but blue jeans... we'll call that another match!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

September Block Lotto

Wedges as topography

This month is a special one.  We are going to do the same block lotto as all( or most of) the Canadian Modern Quilt Guilds.

Colour Palette for our guild:

Grey, blue, and purple.

All guilds must include white as well.

All fabrics must be solids, not prints.

We are going to break Karen's rule #1, our block is going to be 12.5" unfinished instead of 9.5".  This is to be consistent with all the blocks we have done so far this year.

Karen Brown has put all this together for us. Thank you!

Check out this link for a basic wedge guideline:

And this awesome YouTube video for all the details of this block lotto challenge:

As she said, you can do very basic wedges, like this sample block Pam made

Or very literal topography like this, of a typical gulf island evening view

or anything in between.
Have fun, and challenge yourself.
post your work to share with other guilds, and check out other people's work at
As always,
1 block = 1 ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole bunch.

Monday, 20 August 2018

August 2018 Show & Share

The August meeting featured our annual De-Stash/Re-Stash sale, which was a great success - thank you to all members who participated! Apart from the shopping extravaganza, there were also a few items for show & share:

Susan made this colourful quilt-as-you-go baby quilt, using a method she calls "freedom piecing!"

Dawna has been doing a lot of sewing while out camping this summer, and showed us her adorable but totally functional little battery powered machine! She also has it rigged up to operate by solar power. It came from Canadian Tire, if you need one of these for your camping trips!

Dawna was commissioned to make this beautiful king-size quilt. We don't think she pieced it on that little battery-powered machine...

Netta is preparing for a gift for a baby, gender TBA. This is the baby girl quilt - great geometric design! To cover the bases, the baby boy quilt will be coming next.

 Another sweet baby quilt, this one by Ann has a fun pinwheel-heart.

Vicky was the winner of the block lotto. Congratulations, Vicky! We're looking forward to seeing a quilt made of these great blocks.

And last but not least, Faye won the door prize - a beautiful "Sparkling Stars" pattern, donated by Troll Brothers Quilt Designs.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

August Block Lotto

Image result for watermelon slice

This block is for everybody who loves to use up scraps, make easy blocks, 2.5" squares, pink and green, a chance to win, and watermelon.  That should cover most everybody, shouldn't it?

The above photo shows two of the same 12.5" block, in slightly different colour palettes. 

Fabric for this block is tone on tone or solids in the noted colours, pink, black, green, and white.

Your will need to cut 2.5" squares of :

-8 green
-6 white
-2 black
-20 pink

Lay out your squares to match the photo. If you look at the top photo of the completed light and dark pink blocks, you will notice that the black (seed) squares are not in the same spots.  This is intentional.  When you lay out your squares, place the black ones wherever you like amongst the pink to give some randomness to the blocks.
From there it is straight forward sewing.  I made four 9 patches first, then put them together.

At first I quite liked the pastel version

But after some queries, I decided to make a brighter version, and liked it even better. Use whatever shades of the designated colours you like.

Completed block is 12.5" square, unfinished.

One block equals 1 ticket, so make one, make two, make an entire melon!  Have fun.