Thursday, 16 August 2018

August Block Lotto

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This block is for everybody who loves to use up scraps, make easy blocks, 2.5" squares, pink and green, a chance to win, and watermelon.  That should cover most everybody, shouldn't it?

The above photo shows two of the same 12.5" block, in slightly different colour palettes. 

Fabric for this block is tone on tone or solids in the noted colours, pink, black, green, and white.

Your will need to cut 2.5" squares of :

-8 green
-6 white
-2 black
-20 pink

Lay out your squares to match the photo. If you look at the top photo of the completed light and dark pink blocks, you will notice that the black (seed) squares are not in the same spots.  This is intentional.  When you lay out your squares, place the black ones wherever you like amongst the pink to give some randomness to the blocks.
From there it is straight forward sewing.  I made four 9 patches first, then put them together.

At first I quite liked the pastel version

But after some queries, I decided to make a brighter version, and liked it even better. Use whatever shades of the designated colours you like.

Completed block is 12.5" square, unfinished.

One block equals 1 ticket, so make one, make two, make an entire melon!  Have fun.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

August Meeting: Destash/Restash Sale Info

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Who's ready to shop? It's time for our fourth annual de-stash (and re-stash) shopping extravaganza!

Please read the following instructions, so the sale is enjoyable for everyone.


Every item for sale will be in a bag, along with an envelope. Bring lots of small change!! Since each item is paid for individually, with money going to multiple sellers, MQG Victoria won't be able to provide change.
To buy an item:
  1. Remove the envelope from the bag.
  2. Put the correct amount of money in the envelope.
  3. Seal the envelope and take it to the paying area.


    All items must be quilting-related. Non-modern fabrics are acceptable.
    Prepare an envelope for each item as follows:
    1. Upper left corner - write your name.
    2. Centre of envelope - write a description of the item, e.g. 2m trim, .5m cotton, 3 fat quarters, etc.
    3. Below the item description, write the price.
    4. Do not seal the envelope.
    5. Put the envelope and the item into a sealable, see-through bag - Ziploc bags are perfect!
    6. Bundles of magazines may be tied with string instead, with the envelope taped to the front.
    7. Please use round numbers when pricing - buyers will need to provide exact change!

    • Money will be disbursed after the sale is over, and all envelopes have been collected and sorted, or at the next meeting.
    • Items not sold must be picked up at the end of the sale.
    • Sellers accept the risk of putting the items for sale. MQG Victoria is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
     We will also have a Free Table, for anyone who wants to share free quilting-related items.

    "What can I sell?"

    • Fabric: quilting cotton ONLY
    • Yardage, fat quarters, leftover bits of jelly rolls, charm packs, scraps, etc.
    • Quilt tops, random blocks
    • That project you're never going to finish..... let it go!
    • Rulers, tools
    • Books


    As a guideline, last year's suggested price for fat quarters was $2.00, and $1.00 for older fabrics.

    Monday, 30 July 2018

    Show & Share at the Annual Picnic

    In addition to good food and a fun game at this year's picnic, there were some great quilts shared!

    Here's Audrey's mini of Blue Wrens, from a pattern from Australia.

    Audrey also brought this unique piece called Triangle Frenzy

    and here's Audrey's completed quilt from our 2017 Round Robin!

    Who's the mystery quilter hiding behind this fun fishy quilt?

    Sorry we didn't catch your name, quilty friend, but your quilt has a great asymmetrical pinwheel layout!

    Rosalie brought this striped piece...

    And this colourful one, reminiscent of stained glass....

    She also brought a mini.... well as this one which looks right at home in this setting!

    ....and here's the back.

    Kelly brought this vibrant quilt made from a fabric panel and free motion-quilted...

    Monday, 2 July 2018

    June Block Lotto

    Sliced Circle Block

    your colour paletteAzure Butterflies - Do you have an eye for color? Share it with us! Submit your own color palettes at! Lots of turquoise and blue range.

    Fabrics you will need:

    Solid black fabric
    Tone on tone prints in the above colour palette

    Part 1:
    -cut one black strip 13"x 5.5", and one print strip 13"x 5.5".

    -lay one strip on top of the other.  Right sides up.  Mark your fabric at 3" from each end( on the side you will cut from).  Make another mark at 7.5", 3" in from the outer side of the circle to the edge of the strip.

     -draw a curve on the fabric as shown (yes, on the right side of the fabric) and then cut along that line.  I drew freehand.  Use a guide if needed, but make sure your curve hits all the marks.

    -Pin opposite fabric curve, and sew.  once sewn, this will look wonky until trimmed!

    -trim strips to 4.5"x 12.5"

    Part 2:

    -cut from each fabric, two 3.5"x 2.5" strips and one 6.5"x 2.5"strip.

    -sew strips together, alternating fabric...short-long-short to get two opposite strips.( see below)

    -trim to 4.5"x 12.5" strip

    You should now have three pieced strips.  Sew these together, and you've got your sliced circle.

    Finished block is 12.5" square.

    One block=one ticket, so make one, make two, make a whole lot of circles.

    This block is not to be turned in until the august meeting.  Plenty of time to play and make lots.

    Friday, 29 June 2018

    June 2018 Show and Share

    Here are the yummy quilts members shared at the June meeting!

    Darlene made a striking design from charm packs and layer cakes.

    ...and here's the other side

    That's Natalie hiding behind an oversized modern log cabin...

    Natalie also made this hexagon quilt in her continuing quest to use up her stash!

    Dawna's "Happy Camper" quilt, which she finished while on a camping trip. She wanted red thread for the label and hadn't brought any, so she unraveled some stitching from her red hoodie... now that's dedication!

    Dawna also made this quilt, featuring Tula Pink "Moonshine" fabrics, for her daughter's birthday...

    ... and she completed this mini for the Riley Blake challenge, called "Banff Beauty."

    Michelle made these pillows from her own hand-dyed fabrics, and did some beautiful ruler work in the quilting.

    Cindy's first time making a tote was a great success!

    This quilt-as-you-go, called "Easy Does It," was made by Ursula from her own pattern.

    Christine's paper pieced beauty was made from scraps

    Jay's latest finish, made from a kit bought online from Saskatchewan.

    Carol said she "finally brought something finished!"  The pattern for this quilt is from the book "Accentuate the Negative: Making the Most of Negative Space in Modern Quilts" by Trisch Price.

    And here are the block lotto blocks, in just one of several possible layouts. Anne was the lucky winner

    Tuesday, 5 June 2018

    May 2018 Show & Share

    Here's what members shared at the May meeting!

    Chris with her flamingo quilt:
    Kathleen's quilt made at the Lorna Shapiro workshop:
    Rosalie's rainbow table topper:

    Janelle shared her Riley Blake challenge mini:
    Janelle with her Flying Geese quilt:
    And Janelle also made this quilt with ombre confetti fabrics:

    This is Cindy's second quilt ever! Sawtooth stars and a centre cowboy block:
    Laura made this colourful Dresden quilt:

    Kelly made this memory quilt for her daughter, using fabric from her father's shirts:
    Jay brought her elephant quilt, made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and embellished with over 2,000 jewels - it was a multiple award winner at the Victoria Guild show!

    There were lots of block lotto entries - here they are with Cindy, the lucky winner!